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Songs of Conquest Guide

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Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders Songs of Conquest guide, tips

Traveling with the best characters in Songs of Conquest can make it easier for you to win battles and develop your characters. This page of the guide lists the best confidants available for the Arleon, Barony of Loth, Barya, and Rana factions.

Last update: 03 June 2024

Which Wielders from Songs of Conquest are the best? On this page of our guide, we provide a ranking of the most recommended Wielders. The list is divided according to factions that individual Wielders represent. You will also learn some important details regarding the availability and attributes of playable heroes.

Basic information about Wielders

  1. Each faction has a different set of Wielders to choose from. You can freely browse and recruit them in all modes aside from story campaign. In story campaigns, you cannot freely choose a Wielder - this is true for the main hero of the story, appearing in every scenario of the campaign, but there may be additional Wielders that help him and become playable in certain moments of the plot.
  2. The most important when it comes to choosing Wielders are their specializations and starting attributes - the latter allowing you to discern the given hero from remaining available in the faction. Specializations are fixed, while attributes can be additionally improved e.g. by visiting map locations, buying skills, or equipping artifacts from inventory (the boost is only active when the item is equipped in one of the active slots).
  3. Wielders have different starting abilities/skills, but during each level-up, a screen appears that allows choosing one of 3 proposed skills and 2 powers (every 8 levels) -we list the recommended on the Best skills and powers page.

Arleon Wielders

Ravenfayre - Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders - Basics - Songs of Conquest Guide


The specialization of this Wielder increases the power of ranged attacks by 15, and you should make use of this bonus by relying on ranged troops (but they shouldn't comprise the entirety of your army). The ranged specialization is further complemented by Archery skill - upgrade it as soon as possible to additionally increase the power of ranged attacks. Additionally, we recommend equipping a bow as an active artifact. Ranged troops will make up the majority of your army, but make sure to have some melee units as protection for your distance troops.

Lady Eliza Hammond - Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders - Basics - Songs of Conquest Guide

Lady Eliza Hammond

This Wielder's specialization increases the defense of human troops by 20 - make sure to harness this advantage by not choosing Fae units. Additionally, Lady Hammond has high starting Defence. To get the most out of this hero, try to have Knights/Fists of Order so they can die less often. Hammond's starting skill is Cunning - try to use the bonus by attacking in initial turns and charging with your Knights.

Rana Wielders

R' - Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders - Basics - Songs of Conquest Guide

R'Lac, Rage of Rana

The specialization of this Wielder increases melee and ranged damage of all Rana units by 20. The bonus corresponds well with the fact that the majority of this faction's armies should be comprised of melee warriors. R'Lac is a very offensive Wielder - this is additionally complemented by his starting Combat Training skill (make sure to upgrade it to the next levels) and his Offence attribute being as high as 15.

Cheekham Stormcaller - Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders - Basics - Songs of Conquest Guide

Cheekham Stormcaller

The specialization of this Wielder increases the damage of every Hunter and Storm Guard unit by 1. These are the most common units of the Baria faction, but 1 Troop Slot can include of as many as 50 of these units (even more thanks to Research), which may result in additional damage being as high as 50. This Wielder also starts with the Raider skill which can increase his Movement and Line of Sight and additionally, gold gain from looting is increased.

Barony of Loth Wielders

Doctor Marjatta - Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders - Basics - Songs of Conquest Guide

Doctor Marjatta

The specialization of this Wielder increases Spell damage by as much as 40%. As a result, this a perfect Wielder for spell-oriented combat. Marjatta's starting skill is Arcana Magic. In addition to upgrading Arcana Essence, you should also put points in Destruction Essence. Try to comprise the army with units that generate these both types of Essences.

Merkoth - Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders - Basics - Songs of Conquest Guide


The specialization of this hero increases the melee damage of undead troops by 20 - in case of this Wielder, the bulk of the army should be comprised of this race. Merkoth is an offensive-oriented Wielder - aside from the above specialization, he begins with the Melee skill (as a result, you should favor melee units) and additionally, his Offence attribute is as high as 15.

Barya Wielders

Sanaz Trueweight - Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders - Basics - Songs of Conquest Guide

Sanaz Trueweight

This Wielder's specialization increases human troops defence by 20. As a result, it should be humans that make up the bulk of the army. Counted as humans are both common units of Baria's faction and the most powerful units - Hellbreaths. Cannon units can benefit greatly from improved defence, as they cannot Retaliate and require reloading after every shot. Trueweight begins with Prepared and you should build on this skill by continuing to improve the initiative of units. Finally, exploring the map can be a bit easier thanks to higher initial Movement and Line of Sight values.

Huma Rosewater - Songs of Conquest: List of best Wielders - Basics - Songs of Conquest Guide

Huma Rosewater

The specialization of this Wielder increases the melee attack damage for Harima troops by 20. As can be expected, comprising the army of Harima troops in case of this Wielder is recommended. This Wielder starts with Combat Training skill and has high Offence, making him a more offensive hero and the opposite of Sanaz, who excels in Defence-related efforts.

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