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Songs of Conquest Guide

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Songs of Conquest: Is there fast travel? Songs of Conquest guide, tips

Does Songs of Conquest include fast travel mechanics? Our guide will tell you how to travel more easily across maps and whether you can recruit troops from all cities.

Last update: 22 May 2024

Maps in Songs of Conquest are spacious and extensive, and moving around them may be time-consuming and cost you turns. Question quickly arises - does the game feature fast travel? On this page of our guide we explain whether fast travel is available, ans show how to recruit units from other towns and settlements.

Shortcuts on the map

1 - Songs of Conquest: Is there fast travel? - FAQ - Songs of Conquest Guide
  1. The game doesn't feature fast travel in its classic sense. However, you can make traveling the map and returning to controlled towns and settlements much easier by defeating armies guarding narrow pathways. These may take the form of e.g. a bridge (screenshot above) or a narrow path in a forest.
  2. Getting rid of armies stationed at such places may unlock new shortcuts which will make traveling from town A to town B take fewer action points, as you don't have to go the long way anymore.

Using portals

2 - Songs of Conquest: Is there fast travel? - FAQ - Songs of Conquest Guide
  1. As you explore the map, you may encounter portals for fast travel - see the picture.
3 - Songs of Conquest: Is there fast travel? - FAQ - Songs of Conquest Guide
  1. You cannot look up where the portal will take you before using it. There may be a group of enemies waiting on the other side of the portal, so it is best to save the game in advance.
  2. Also be aware that hostile wielders can also use portals. By defeating stationary armies guarding the portal exits you may grant hostile armies an easy access to your lands.

Recruiting units from other settlements and towns

4 - Songs of Conquest: Is there fast travel? - FAQ - Songs of Conquest Guide
  1. By default, if you want to recruit new units in the given settlement or town, you must order your wielder to enter them. This can slow down your progress, but you can bypass this limitation by sending a different wielder, bringing the units, and merging them with the army you want to strengthen.
  2. The Rally Point building makes recruiting armies easier. Once you build one, you can recruit units in towns and settlements that are under your control. As a result, you don't have to regularly come back to them and can collect new troops from one specific place on the map.
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