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Stray Guide, Walkthrough by

Stray Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Stray: Secrets and collectibles - list of all Stray guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Stray game guide you will find a list of all kinds of secrets and finds - these are Sheet Music, B-12 Memories and Badges. The compilation will make it easier for you to finish Stray 100%.

Last update: 19 July 2022

While playing Stray, you can discover secrets and gather collectibles. This page of the guide lists their main types - you will learn about B-12's Memories, Badges and Sheet Music. We've divided the lists of collectibles according to their categories.

Important note - Each collectible is only saved after you've reached the closest checkpoint, not immediately after obtaining it. Make sure to keep this in mind when using Chapter Select.

All of B-12's memories

There are a total of 27 memories to unlock - Stray: Secrets and collectibles - list of all - Secrets and Collectibles - Stray Guide, Walkthrough

There are a total of 27 memories to unlock. We've separated their location descriptions into game stages where you can locate at least 1 collectible of this category. Finding 100% of the memories is rewarded with the I Remember! trophy and a backpack in a unique color (pictured above).

  1. Key information about memories - This page explains what memories are, how to find this type of collectible and track your progress.
  2. The Flat - In stage 3, there is 1 memory to discover.
  3. The Slums - Chapter 4 contains as many as 7 unlockable memories. You can also look for them when you return here in Chapter 6.
  4. Rooftops - Stage 5 hides 3 of B-12's memories.
  5. Dead End - In Chapter 7, you can locate 3 memories.
  6. The Sewers - In stage 8, there are 2 memories waiting to be unlocked.
  7. Antvillage - In chapter 9, you can get 2 memories.
  8. Midtown - Stage 10 allows you to get as many as 7 memories.
  9. Jail - In stage 11, you will find 1 memory.
  10. Control Room - The final chapter 12 contains the last 1 memory.

Other secrets and collectibles - badges and sheet music

  1. Sheet Music - Found in Slums (stages 4 and 6). There are 8 pieces of sheet music to unlock and you have to deliver them to Morusque the musician.
  2. Badges - These are received for completing activities, such as helping one of the robots or finding a hidden room.
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