Gaming NewsApr 25, 2017 at 4:19a PSTby luckie

Play the original Tomb Raider in a browser

OpenLara is an ongoing project of a modder who decided to port the 1996 original Tomb Raider into browsers. You can now enjoy the first results of his work by playing through one complete game level.

The 1996 original Tomb Raider is now playable via browsers, thanks to the OpenLara project by a modder nicknamed XProger. The current version only includes the second game level, the City of Vilcabamba, but other levels are to follow. OpenLara has unlimited frames per second (unlike the original, which had a 30 fps limit), allows you to switch between TPP and FPP view at any time, and it features higher resolution and better graphics in general than the first Tomb Raider did in the 1990s. When you run it in full screen mode, it doesn’t look like you’re playing a browser-based game. You can start playing OpenLara immediately on this website:

  1. Play OpenLara

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