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Essays 27 October 2022, 15:47

author: Adrian Werner

Best Cyberpunk 2077 mods inspired by Edgerunners anime

Edgerunners inspired Cyberpunk 2077 modding community developed a series of mods based on this anime. Here, we describe the best of them.

The anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was a revelation. Not only did it prove to be a great animated series itself but its popularity has been one of the reasons for the recent renaissance of Cyberpunk 2077. The game boasts a large and active modding community so mods inspired by said anime series quickly sprung up. In this article we have collected the most notable of them.

Many of the authors of the following mods gave us permission to host mirrors. In other cases you will find links directly to their official websites.

The essentials

Before we start discussing individual anime-inspired creations we first need to mention a few core tools that the majority of these mods to CP2077 require. The following mods often have nothing to do with gameplay changes; they're just tools that Cyberpunk 2077 needs to run other mods correctly so you should start by installing these if you're just beginning your adventure with modding the game from CDPR. f you're not a newbie however check this list out anyway – there have been a few new and noteworthy mods so it's worth staying up to date.

  1. CyberEngineTweaks – the mod that started it all In the first months after the game's release this mod fixed a lot of problems. Now most of them have been addressed by patches but the mod is still the cornerstone of many other creations.
  2. red script – extending the ability to load scripts. Virtually all of the more extensive fan mods need it.
  3. RED4ext – another project extending script capabilities. It works a bit differently than redscript so in practice you need them both.
  4. REDMod is the official modding tool recently released by CD Projekt RED and can be downloaded from Steam or GOG.
  5. Cybercmd – a project that loads commands from the command line and runs tasks in Cyberpunk 2077. It's mainly used to ensure compatibility between redscript and REDMod.

Wannabe Edgerunner or the charms of cyberpsychosis

Photo source: DJ_Kovrik. - Best Cyberpunk 2077 mods inspired by Edgerunners anime - dokument - 2022-10-27
Photo source: DJ_Kovrik.

In the vanilla version of Cyberpunk 2077 the player cannot experience cyberpsychosis a mental illness caused by too many cybernetics in the body. However this condition plays a key role in CP: Edgerunners so an inspired fan set out to bridge this gap.

The result of his work is Wannabe Edgerunner – A simple Cyberpsychosis mod. The project introduces a new statistic to the game – humanity which can be degraded among others by installing implants using Berserk/Sandevistan and murdering others. The effects of the illness have multiple layers and the more severe they get the more problematic it becomes to function normally and avoid the police. At the same time symptom alleviation methods such as special inhalers have also been introduced.

  1. Wannabe Edgerunner – A simple Cyberpsychosis mod

Edgerunners Location Additions or more anime Night City

Photo source: Kratoes. - Best Cyberpunk 2077 mods inspired by Edgerunners anime - dokument - 2022-10-27
Photo source: Kratoes.

Edgerunners Location Additions on the other hand remakes the locations in the game to be more like those from the anime. In many places the lighting and textures were changed and a slew of new objects was added in order to make the game as reminiscent of the show as possible.

  1. Edgerunners Location Additions

Bonus - Edgerunners Posters

From the same category we also recommend a smaller project called Edgerunners Posters which replaces many of the posters from vanilla game with those inspired by the anime.

  1. Edgerunners Posters – download mod

Edgerunners soundtrack radio station added

Fans have also developed a mod that adds a new radio station to the game containing the music from the show. The project is exciting because the soundtrack from the series is indeed excellent. The mod has two variants – one containing calmer tracks and the other more intense songs.

You will need an additional mod called RadioExt to launch this one – that's the only way to add a new radio station to the game.

  1. RadioExt – download mod
  2. Edgerunners Radio Mod – download mod

Edgerunners characters in Cyberpunk 2077

A separate category of mods are those recreating the characters from the show in the game. Each of the most important of these characters received several projects of this type introducing their appearance clothes or weapons to CP2077.


Let's start with the main character David Martinez.

  1. David's Hairstyle – introduces a new hairstyle to the game based on the one David wears in the show.
  2. David's from Edgerunners Male V face preset – this mod in turn adds a new face template for V (the game's main character) also based on David which we can further modify in the character wizard.


Edgerunners – Lucy (Female V face preset) mod. Photo source: UJB. - Best Cyberpunk 2077 mods inspired by Edgerunners anime - dokument - 2022-10-27
Edgerunners – Lucy (Female V face preset) mod. Photo source: UJB.

Similar projects were also developed for Lucy.

  1. Lucy from Edgerunners – Female V face preset – new face pattern for female V.
  2. Edgerunners – Lucy (Female V face preset) – alternative project with exactly the same effects as the previous one. So you can choose which face you prefer.
  3. Edgerunners – Lucy's Outfit, Lucy Edgerunners Jacket Archive X and Lucy Edgerunners Suit Archive XL are three mods that add Lucy's outfits to the game.
  4. Edgerunner Lucy's Pistol – This mod remakes the Unity .45 pistol to look like the gun used by Lucy in the anime.


Rebecca also got a few projects of this type.

  1. Rebecca ER Jacket and Underwear Archive XL adds Rebecca's Jacket and Underwear to the game.
  2. Edgerunner Rebecca's Pistols – Modifies the Omaha weapon to look like the gun used by Rebecca in the show.
  3. Edgerunners- Rebecca's face cyberware – introduces face cyber implants similar to Rebecca's.

Let Lucy make your loadings more pleasant

Photo source: Netflix. - Best Cyberpunk 2077 mods inspired by Edgerunners anime - dokument - 2022-10-27
Photo source: Netflix.

Finally the little EdgeRunnerLucy Loading Screens mod is worth mentioning. It remakes the loading screens to display pictures of Lucy from the anime.

  1. EdgeRunnerLucy Loading Screens – download mod

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