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Pillars of Eternity news and interesting facts

Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny for Free in Epic Games Store Next Week

Aquma, 04 December 2020, 19:00

Epic Games Store has announced that in a week's time players will be able to get free copies of Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny on this platform.

Pillars of Eternity 3 Unlikely to be Made

Adrian Werner, 11 November 2019, 13:43

The chief designer of the Pillars of Eternity series confessed that the chances of creating the third installment are low. The reason is not only the commercial failure of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, but also the fact that the creators do not fully understand the reasons for the flop.

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition to launch on consoles this August

luckie, 22 June 2017, 08:54

So far, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players didn't have a chance to play Pillars of Eternity on their platform of choice. This will change with the release of Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition, announced to hit consoles this August.

Pillars of Eternity II is in development, acknowledges Obsidian’s CEO Feargus Urquhart

Michal Manka, 16 May 2016, 18:20

During the Digital Dragons 2016 conference in Kraków, we got a chance to sit down with Feargus Urquhart, the CEO and founder of Obsidian Entertainment, and ask him a few questions.

Pillars of Eternity: Game of the Year Edition spotted on Amazon Germany

luckie, 08 February 2016, 11:17

Amazon Germany is offering a retail version of Pillars of Eternity: Game of the Year Edition. This new release is said to launch on February 19, although there is no official confirmation from Paradox Interactive.

Pillars of Eternity 3.0 update overview

luckie, 05 February 2016, 14:09

Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part II is coming out on February 16th. That very day fans will also get a free game update. Patch 3.0 will introduce new content, gameplay mechanics and some overall improvements.

Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part II coming out on February 16th, see a new trailer

luckie, 06 January 2016, 10:38

Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part II is going to be released on February 16th, says the new trailer. The expansion will introduce new quests, a new companion, new skills, and higher level cap.

Pillars of Eternity: The White March – Part II arrives late January 2016

luckie, 17 November 2015, 11:36

Pillars of Eternity: The White March – Part II will come out in January 2016. The second expansion to the successful RPG from Obsidian Entertainment will introduce new missions, abilities, companion, and more.

Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I Out Today

luckie, 25 August 2015, 10:56

Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I is releasing today along with patch 2.0. The first expansion to Obsidian Entertainment’s cRPG features new story, locations, characters, and more.

Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I Arrives This Month

luckie, 06 August 2015, 10:09

Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I release date is set at 25 August 2015. The expansion will add a new story, explorable area, companions and items.

Pillars of Eternity – New Features and Improvements In Patch 2.0

Ender, 26 June 2015, 10:25

The creators of Pillars of Eternity have shared a list of new features and changes that will be included in version 2.0 of the game. The patch introducing this update will be made available to all those who bought the game.

E3 2015: Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I Announced

Adrian Werner, 17 June 2015, 14:24

Obsidian Entertainment has announced Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part I, which is the first big expansion for the popular cRPG. The add-on will introduce new adventures, locations and characters, and increase the level cap.

Pillars of Eternity – updates, expansion and a new Kickstarter campaign on the way

Draug, 02 April 2015, 14:23

We've had a chance to talk about Pillars of Eternity with Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment. Among the discussed topics was the success of this classic cRPG, as well as its future in the form of an upcoming expansion and another Kickstarter.

Pillars of Eternity – new gameplay and a fragment of documentary film

Meehow, 11 March 2015, 14:32

A video has been published from the panel hosted by Obsidian Entertainment at this year's PAX East where Pillars of Eternity has been presented. In addition to showing off a rather lengthy gameplay, the developers also responded to fans' questions.