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Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, Walkthrough by

Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Horizon Zero Dawn: Fire Bellowback - how to kill? Cauldron SIGMA Boss Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, walkthrough

Last update: 06 August 2020

This chapter is dedicated to the tips on how to defeat the Fire Bellowback that serves as the boss in Cauldron SIGMA. Here, you can learn which tactic and equipment you should choose before the fight to finish it quickly, regardless of the level difficulty.

Before you go to the Cauldron you must prepare your equipment - Horizon Zero Dawn: Fire Bellowback - how to kill? Cauldron SIGMA Boss - FAQ - Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, Walkthrough

Before you go to the Cauldron you must prepare your equipment. Besides the maximum number of med pouches and healing herbs you should also equip Carja Slingshot which allows you to shoot shock bombs. You can also buy a war bow which also allows you to use shock arrows.

This is important because two well aimed bombs to the machine's body make it completely defenseless and immobilize it for a few seconds. You can get closer to it and deal a critical strike which will nullify the shock effect. However, as long as you have any weapon that deals shock damage, you are completely untouchable.

You don't even have to step back from the machine after dealing critical damage. Just aim with your slingshot right after that and you will inflict the status even before the machine goes back to normal after the previous one. The universal choice for this fight is a slingshot but you can also use a war bow if Aloy can shoot a few arrows at the same time. Otherwise, the speed of drawing a single arrow can become your doom. Also, remember to buy or gather a lot of Sparkers, which are a necessary component for shock ammo.

In the first moments of the fight you should immobilize the boss and take care of the Watchers that accompany the Fire Bellowback. If you manage to eliminate them quickly then the rest of the fight should be a piece of cake.

The tips on getting to Cauldron SIGMA's Core can be found in the dedicated chapter of this guide.

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