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Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, Walkthrough by

Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents
Horizon Zero Dawn - Hunting Grounds
Horizon Zero Dawn - Hunting Grounds
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Horizon Zero Dawn: Hunting Grounds | Additional activities, map Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, walkthrough

Last update: 06 August 2020

This chapter focuses on hunting grounds, one of the side activities unrelated to the main plot of the game. Here you will find advice that will help you in obtaining the best result in each trial.


Each hunting ground is managed by a manager. If you want to start the challenge, you should go to him. During the conversation you can select a trial and then go to the appointed place. During the trial you cannot save your progress.

There are three tasks to complete in shortest time in each hunting ground. If you manage to complete them, you will be awarded with a trophy. Some tasks requires you to use a very specific weapon. If you want to complete them, first you must properly equip Aloy.

Nora Hunting Grounds

Parts Alone Trial - 01:30 | 02:00 | 20:00

In this task you must shoot down the containers (10 pieces) on the back of the Grazers. Select a bow that won't kill the machine after a single hit. There is enough machines to complete the trial, but finding them can take some time. Remember to hit from the bushes, so that you remain undetected by the nearby Watchers for as long as possible.

Logpile trial - 02:00 | 05:00 | 20:00

Your task is to kill three Grazers with logpiles. You will find them near each path. Your task is to scare the machines and unlock the trap with the bow in such way that the logs fall on the machines. You must shoot a bit earlier and the trap will do the rest. If you fail to lure the machines on the path, then go back to the camp and try again.

Blast wire trial - 03:00 | 06:00 | 20:00

In this case you must destroy 6 machines with a blast wire. Set as much ropes as possible on each path. It is very important as the machines will go back and select a different path when some of them will fall into a trap. Prepare large quantities of resources if you want to get the highest trophy.

Valleymeet Hunting Grounds

Fire Fight Trial - 00:40 | 01:20 | 20:00

In this task you must quickly shoot down the containers on four Striders. The task is quite simple because the exploding container can be detonated on the back of nearby machines. With a bit of luck you will complete this trial by using only a few arrows.

Shock trial - 01:00 | 02:00 | 20:00

In this trial you must get rid of three of six tankers on the "belly" of the Fire Bellowback. To complete the task, the machine must be shocked while you remove the item. The status lasts for a while, so it is best to shock the target and walk very closely to perform many shots from close. You have one minute, so it is pretty easy - as long as the machine is close after you ride on the hunting ground.

Freeze trial - 01:30 | 02:30 | 20:00

In this case you will need a weapon capable of freezing the machine. Your task is to kill five machines while they are frozen. You can select the machines you attack, what's important is to quickly freeze the machine and then hit its weak points so that it dies during the status.

Greatrun Hunting Grounds

Parts Wrangling Trial - 01:30 | 02:30 | 20:00

Your task is to get rid of the containers on the belly of two Tramplers. Before you shoot down the component, first you should tie up each machine. Use the special weapon and tie the machine's head to the ground. Walk as close as possible and shoot a few times.

Pace Trial - 01:30 | 02:00 | 20:00

Your task is to reach three of five remains of the Watchers faster than the Glinthawks. Prepare many medicaments as the only way to reach the target before time runs out is to jump from high. A better armor would be useful as well, but you will probably don't have it at this point of the game. Don't bother if a machine is already sitting near the remains. Until the marker disappears you can still collect the wreckage and complete the trial.

Tie Down Trial - 02:00 | 04:00 | 20:00

You must tie down three Glinthawks. You must deal a critical hit to each machine while it is tied. One hit counts per one tie down, but you don't need to tie down three different machines. You should start shooting the machine with a regular bow. Once it gets close to hit you with ice, use the rope launcher. Once you deal a critical hit, finish the machine as there is enough of them there to stop you with ice waves.

Spurflints Hunting Grounds

Watch Out Trial - 02:00 | 03:00 | 20:00

Your task is to lure into bushes and silently eliminate four Watchers. There are five of them on the area, so if you kill two of them in a different way, then the trial will end in failure. You should activate Focus before using the rope and check the place where there are the most machines. Then ride down into that spot. You should also check the location of all machines. Below you must find bushes and lure the enemies there. Keep in mind that by using Lure you can lure more than one enemy, so it is better to throw rocks.

Stalker Kill Trial - 02:00 | 03:30 | 20:00

Your task is to find and kill Stalkers. Scan the area from above and mark the targets. Then finish them up. There are three enemies in the area. Aim at the ones that are most far away. This makes the task much easier.

Sleight of Crate Trial - 00:50 | 01:30 | 20:00

Your task is to search four of six Shell-walkers in the shortest time possible. Have 1-2 free slots for resources in your equipment so that you don't waste time later. To complete the task you must take everything from the container - only opening it is not enough. The task isn't very hard. The crates are near each other. Use the rope on the right.

Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds

Ravager vs. Machines Trial - 01:10 | 02:00 | 20:00

The objective of the trial is to finish a few machines with the cannon on the back of the Ravager. To take his weapon you can use blasting arrows or you can try dominating the machine to make it use the cannon as you want. The task is quite easy, as after tearing the cannon you can kill the ravager and then one machine. Tearing the machine is a much better option as it gives you full control over the time of the task.

Thunderjaw vs. Ravager Trial - 02:00 | 02:30 | 20:00

A trial that is similar to the previous one. In this case taking over the cannon is much more effective than taking over the machine. First go to the place with the ravagers. Attack the machines to lure them to the Thunderjaw. Use blasting arrows to take over the disk launcher. You should ignore the Thunderjaw, but if needed perform dodges. Quickly eliminate the Ravagers and the trial will be completed. You should first lure them to the Thunderjaw as moving with the disk launcher takes time.

Ravager Control Trial - 02:40 | 04:00 | 20:00

In this task you must defeat the Thunderjaw. However, first you must dominate two Ravagers that are supposed to help you in the trial. First find the two Ravagers from above with the Focus. Mark them and use the rope that is closest to them. Watch out that the machine doesn't detect you or one of the Ravagers will attack the second one. The two machines will serve as bait and they will deal some damage, making the battle easier. Use blasting arrows and get rid of the Disk launcher of the Thunderjaw. Use this weapon against him to speed up the process.

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