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Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, Walkthrough by

Horizon Zero Dawn Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents
Horizon Zero Dawn - Text Datapoints - World
Horizon Zero Dawn - Text Datapoints - World
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Horizon Zero Dawn: Text datapoints, world - map, all locations

Last update: 06 August 2020

In this chapter you will find advice related to collecting all text datapoints related to the world. The location of datapoints is marked on the map included in this chapter.

No 1 - Refugee museum opens

The datapoint is located near the tall metal construction on which you must climb.

No 2 - Haere Mai

You will find it in one of the rooms near the Tallneck's path.

No 3 - Schott v Frost

The datapoint can be found in one of the rooms of the ruined building. The fastest way to get there is from the river side.

No 4 - Jeff Andreatis Show

The datapoint is in the remains of the building found directly under the icon of the Devil's Thirst.

No 5 - UK vets struggle

The datapoint can be found in one of the corners of the building remains.

No 6 - Leaks sparks fears

You will find it at the base of the building with the vantage point.

No 7 - Hartz wins Bahamas

Search for the car in front of the building.

No 8 - 1st Amendment Virtual?

Inside the building that looks like a church.

No 9 - Harriet Choi Dies

The western corner of the remains of a building.

No 10 - Mourn mosquitoes?

The datapoint is on the ground on the left side when you walk from the fireplace. Near the Watchers.

No 11 - Turing Act criticized

Look for the tower of the Unflinching Watch from the camp. Go in that direction and on the ledge seen from the camp you will find the datapoint.

No 12 - Who Did This?

On the rocks in the gorge close to the camp. On the right from the camp towards the Cut Cliffs.

No 13 - Lure of the Real

Next to one of the knocked over windmills.

No 14 - Destin folds

On one of the ruined tanks.

No 15 - Reiker building?

Inside the ruins of the building on the island with the Snapmaws. Under the no-longer existing staircase.

No 16 - Get TI-D-O Started!

Inside the building near the corrupted area and the lake.

No 17 - Robar is coming!

Inside the bandit camp.

No 18 - EZVeune Staffing

On the rocks near the waterfall and the riverbed.

No 19 - Inebri8 available!

On the rocks in the stream near ruins.

No 20 - RPGREET!

One of the corners of the base of the ruined skyscrapers.

No 21 - Get Tactile!

Western side of the ruins. On the ground near the bushes.


The datapoint can be found in the part of the wall seen from the nearby fire camp. Walk through the bridge and you will see the wall before the nest of the Sawtooths.

No 23 - It's PizzaVeet!

Go towards the marker from the camp. You will find it under the wreck of a Deathbringer.


Go from datapoint #22 to the north through the bridge. Near another piece of the wall you will find the new datapoint.

No 25 - Veeteats!

Go from the camp towards the marker. Near the rocks you will find two tank wrecks. The datapoint is on one of them.

No 26 - VERTIVIP Program

Go along the waterfall and you will find it among the rocks.


Go towards the spire from the camp. You will find a longer line of trees near the riverbed. Near one of the trees you will find the datapoint.

No 28 - Greece is Calling

Under the rocky waypoint that points towards the Sunstone Rock.


Among the rocks near the nest of the Bellowbacks. Go south and stop before the rocks and the small waterfall. You will see a marker on the radar.

No 30 - We were Indonesia

On the wreck of the only tank in the area.

No 31 - Grey Swarm Diary

On the armored vehicle near the dried up, wicked tree.

No 32 - Metal vs. Meat!

Next to one of the metal pieces of the wreck.

No 33 - Vani in concert

On the right coast of the river that goes from the water tank next to a Tallneck.

No 34 - Holo Listings

On the highest level of the rock. The easiest way to get there is from Morning's Watch.

No 35 - Tormented Giveaway!

Behind the wall next to a fireplace. The datapoint is among the rubble.

No 36 - Naysay Doom

Go towards the shrine over the lake. When you see a bridge, turn left. On the rock with a tree there is the datapoint.

No 37 - Course Listing, 2063

Inside one of the ponds surrounded by thunderjaws.

No 38 - $$$ with Mechbooker!

On one of the rocks in the gorge. Near the Scrapers.

No 39 - Holoskins Daily 6.06.61

On the larger rock, directly on the edge of the island, next to the riverbed.

No 40 - All the Same

On the gas distributor.

No 41 - China-Sick

In the corner of the remains of the gas station.

No 42 - She's the One

On the small hill, among the trees.

No 43 - Mexico

The tree in the central point of the ruins.

No 44 - Cram

In one of the corners of the ruined skyscraper.

No 45 - Supplier

On the higher point at the entrance to the highest tower. Northeastern corner of the building.

No 46 - Sleeper

Under one of the pillars of the commercial banner next to the remains of the overpass.

No 47 - Idiot Army

On the mask of the car. South from the nearby fire.

No 48 - Holo-Haunting

Under the collapsed wall.

No 49 - Luna Here I Come

Part of the steel construction of the collapsed building. On the left if you are going to the east.

No 50 - Log 3/3/64

On the rock near the road, close to the windmills.

No 51 - I Must Thank You

Next to the blade of the collapsed windmill, near the datapoint no 13.

No 52 - To All Jessifans

Under the remains of the amphitheater scene.

No 53 - Chocolate Box log

Near one of the few pieces of the wall.

No 54 - Log: 5/18/63

Use the fire camp near the point and stick to the left side. Next the rock ledge you will find another piece of the wall.


The datapoint can be found inside the ruins of the building of the flying school.

No 56 - What scares me...

Near the bridge that connects both parts of the bandit camp. It's near the palisade next to the riverbed.

No 57 - Do Your Part

Jump from the fire camp to the lower ledges in the direction of the gorge. You will find the datapoint on the right.

No 58 - Your "Gift"

On the rocks, in the place pointed on the map.

No 59 - [No subject]

On one of the rocks near the nest of the Grazers.

No 60 - This Sucks

The pile of rubble north from the bridge.

No 61 - Phantom Limbs

Inside the remains of the buildings.

No 62 - Just Got Back

Under the rotten tree. Go to the fire camp near cauldron ZETA and to the camp on the south. Stick to the left side.

No 63 - Odyssey Injustice?

Under the wreck of the tank on the left when looking towards the Maker's End from the merchant.

No 64 - Pdyssey Drives Ready

Another wreck on the left when going from 63 towards the Maker's End.

No 65 - Odyssey to Nowhere

Go from number 64 towards the tall booth on the way to the Maker's End. You will find the target on the wreck before it.

No 66 - Dalgaard on FZ

In the center of the area with the Tallneck. Under the wreck of the large airplane.

No 67 - Odyssey ready?

On the wreck of the airplane near the Tallneck. On the southern side.

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