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News video games 21 January 2019, 13:07

author: Adrian Werner

2019 in Warframe - Empyrean expansion and new enemy faction

Digital Extremes has revealed Warframe's development plans for this year. We will receive new adventures and armor, Empyrean add-on with space battles, reworked weapon systems and daily challenges. The game world will also get a new enemy faction.

  1. Developer: Digital Extremes
  2. Genre: action game
  3. Platform: PC, XONE, PS4, Switch
  4. Business model: free-to-play

Digital Extremes organized stream on Twitch, during which the Warframe's attractions planned for this year were discussed. We knew some of this information earlier, but now we have received more precise deadlines, and at the same time a large set of new info was also revealed.

Spring 2019

This year's edition of the TennoCon Convention will take place on 6 June (ticket sales have not started). In addition, the authors are working on three new armors. One of them will be Hyldren, focusing on heavy weaponry. The second one is Wisp, but in case of this variant only the artwork has been revealed.

2019 in Warframe - Empyrean expansion and new enemy faction - picture #1
Wisp on the left and Hyldren on the right.

In addition, the Orb Vallis zone introduced by Fortuna expansion is soon to be enriched with the mini extension Deck 12 - Exploiter. Not much is known about it, except that it will offer, among others, a new event and boss.

Moreover, the location of Gas City is to be thoroughly lifted. The authors do not intend to limit themselves only to improving its graphic design. We can also count on changes in the game, additional enemies and a new mode.

In spring, we will also have the World of Saturn Six event, with which a new version of the system of daily notifications and challenges will debut. Together with weekly tasks they will be closely integrated with the story, told in animated sequences.

In addition, in spring we will receive The New War, another big storyline adventure, continuing the themes from Sacrifice.

Summer 2019

Summer promises to be even more interesting. That's when the big Empyrean add-on, which was shown for the first time at last year's TennoCon as Codename: Railjack, will make its debut. The expansion will allow groups of players to control large spaceships and take part in star battles.

The authors emphasized that it will not be a short mission near Venus. Their aim is to provide access to a large part of the Solar System and, in the long run, to locations outside the Solar System.

Autumn 2019

2019 in Warframe - Empyrean expansion and new enemy faction - picture #2
Artwork of the faction called Planes of Duviri.

Empyrean will be the biggest add-on of the year, so autumn should be a bit calmer. However, fans will have no reason to complain. A new enemy faction known as Planes of Duviri will debut in the game. So far we do not know anything special about it.

Other changes in the roadmap for 2019

The authors also have several other important changes in their roadmap for 2019, for which they are not able to specify the planned dates of their implementation.

This year the game will abandon DirectX 9 and support for 32-bit systems. In addition, the mechanics of fighting with melee weapons will be thoroughly reworked. This will be done gradually, so as not to introduce too much chaos into the game. The developers are also working on rewriting the initial phases of the game to make it easier for newcomers to start their adventure with Warframe. This will include new tutorials and a CG video.

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