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News video games 06 June 2021, 22:30

AC Valhalla: Siege of Paris DLC May Bring a Time Skip

There are new rumors about the Siege of Paris DLC for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Its storyline is to take place eight years after the events of the base game. What's more in France we probably won't encounter the Hidden Ones.

Yesterday, a YouTube user named j0nathan, whom you may know from numerous leaks about the Assassin's Creed series, published footage from the second, after Wrath of the Druids, DLC for Valhalla - Siege of Paris. Frenchman dug into the game's files, which suggest that the action of the next DLC will take us eight years into the future, from the year 877 - the year of the story finale of the base game - to 885. We've also learned that, just like in England, we probably shouldn't expect the appearance of Hidden Ones members in France.

The aforementioned material by j0nathan is available above, although I warn you that it was recorded in the author's native language and does not have English subtitles. The whole thing can be boiled down to four key points:

  • DLC description ("The southern kingdom of France has united under one king for the first time in a century. Charles the Fat, great-grandson of Charlemagne, is waging an unhurried war against the Nords in France. England could be next. Ravensthorpe must find new allies to avoid the threat. The appearance of a newcomer near the docks will allow a new adventure to begin");
  • The time of action (the DLC's story will take place in year 885);
  • The absence of the Hidden Ones (one of the lines of dialogue from the DLC found in the game files - it seems to be spoken by Eivor - reads "As in England, the Hidden Ones seem absent from France. What treasures might they have left behind?");
  • DLC's release dates (according to the game page on PlayStation Store, the release of Siege of Paris will take place on November 9, though this is more of a placeholder).

The information provided by j0nathan usually turns out to be correct, so we can approach the above information with some amount of trust. However, it is worth remembering that, until Ubisoft confirms them, they will remain only a leak. I advise you to treat the release date with particular caution - the launch of Wrath of the Druids has been delayed once.

Siege of Paris may not be the last DLC for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Some time ago there were rumors about the formation of the third expansion, tentatively titled Meteor. The addition would enable us to visit Muspelheim, the Nordic land of fire, and face its ruler, Surtr. However, we're not likely to find the Hidden Ones there either.

Valhalla is the twelfth main installment of the series. The game was released in November 2020 on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE, and XSX|S.

Hubert Sledziewski

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