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News video games 24 May 2021, 09:05

author: Adrian Werner

Age of Empires 4 Leak Reveals Civilizations and Possible Beta Test [UPDATED]

An entry in the Korean age rating agency's database suggests that Microsoft may be preparing an open beta of Age of Empires 4. A list of as-yet-undisclosed civilizations has also leaked online.


Age of Empires IV has also appeared in the Australian age rating agency's database. Assigning an a rating in yet another country increases the chance that speculation about the upcoming open beta will turn out to be true.

  1. Abbasids;
  2. The French;
  3. The Holy Roman Empire;
  4. The Russians.

There are many indications that soon we will be able to play Age of Empires IV. The game's profile appeared in the Korean age rating agency's database. The rating is usually assigned 30-60 days before the release, which suggests that we will not have to wait long to check out the title.

However, we know that the launch is planned for this autumn. Therefore, there were speculations that it's about open beta tests, which could be announced around this year's E3 fair.

Waiting for the start of the beta may be made more enjoyable by the leaked information about the civilizations. Until it is officially confirmed, however, it should be approached with caution, but it looks credible, especially since it's in the form of screenshots of description cards, rather than only text.

So far, the developers have confirmed that the game will feature four civilizations: Chinese, Mongols, English, and the Delhi Sultanate. According to the leak, in addition to them, AoE4 weill also feature civilization like the Abbasids, the French, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Russians.

The descriptions suggest that the French will rely on cavalry and will be able to accelerate building of fortifications. The Holy Roman Empire will use prelates to strengthen the economy, and in battle will rely on armies consisting mainly of infantry. The Russians will do best far from urban centers, gaining bonuses to hunting, plant gathering, and combat units while in the field. The Abbasids, on the other hand, will be able to build siege machines without the need to research them.

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