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News guides 19 April 2023, 12:06

author: Adam Adamczyk

All Golems in Minecraft Legends

In the following guide you will learn about all the golems in Minecraft Legends. Some can be very helpful.

Table of Contents:

Minecraft Legends is a spin-off of the cult series created by Mojang. The game combines elements of strategy and action and throws us into a world where the player's task is to defend the land of Overworld from the Piglins. Golems, which differ in their abilities, can help in this task. In this guide, you will learn what all golems are in Minecraft Legends.

Basic Golems

In this group you will find basic golems that can help the player in various ways. The first two do not need to be unlocked, as they are available from the beginning of the game. Mossy and Grindstone can be obtained after playing for a while.

  1. Cobblestone Golem - This creature is useful for destroying buildings and can be sent into battle. It will be able to hold off a group of Piglin for a while, but it doesn't do much damage.
  2. Plank Golem - Its strongest point is the relatively high damage inflicted in close rance, but it does not have much defense, so it can easily be defeated in direct combat.
  3. Mossy Golem - He is unable to fight. Its job is to heal the character and take off debuffs.
  4. Grindstone Golem - Similar to the Cobblestone Golem, this creature is also able to stop a small group of Pigmins and does not deal much damage itself, but makes up for it with the ability to stun opponents.

First Golems

In this group you will find much stronger golems.. We will encounter them while exploring the world. To awaken them, we will have to upgrade Well of Fate. Once unlocked Firsts will follow the player all the time and help him in various ways.

  1. First of Brick - This creature is perfect for protecting nearby characters, covering them with a force field and protecting them from ranged attacks. In addition, First of Brick is capable of knocking back opponents.
  2. First of Oak - Its greatest advantage is the very high ranged damage it deals, making it great for support during combat.
  3. First of Diorite - Once in a while it summons a small group of random golems, so the type of support depends on which creatures are summoned.
  4. First of Stone - Great for destroying buildings, as it is able to throw large boulders that deal high damage to buildings.

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