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News video games 18 June 2021, 18:40

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

AlterLife Could be a Competitor to The Sims; Gamers Fear a Scam

The Sims has just gained another competitor in the form of AlterLife. VGG Studio's title received a trailer that reveals the first details about the differences compared to the work of Maxis. However, the project raises concerns among some players.

  • AlterLife, a new competitor to The Sims, has just received its first trailer;
  • The game is supposed to offer realistic graphics and more options to customize objects to our liking;
  • At the same time, there were concerns in the web that it may be a clever scam.

The Sims series gains another competitor. Developers from VGG Studio presented the trailer for AlterLife, which should appeal to fans of sandbox games from Maxis. In a short video material we can see some differences and improvements in comparison to The Sims. However, the game is still at a very early stage of development.

The first element that strikes the eye is definitely better graphics. AlterLife boasts higher quality textures, more realistic style and RTX support. The game also offers much more customization option for objects. AlterLife will enable us to change the size, dimensions, and even the shape of the furniture and equipment present in the game.

All this would seem very encouraging, if not for one catch. There are fears among some players that the game is just a scam. It's hard to say who is actually behind VGG Studio. There is no information about the creators of the game on the web. Some fan websites of The Sims and similar games provide information that the author of Alter Life may be the person responsible for People of Newberry.

The latter game was confusingly similar to AlterLife. It also presented a realistic graphical style and used a lot of ready-made assets. At the same time, its trailers revealed almost no elements of actual gameplay. This case attracted the attention of content creators associated with The Sims, who quickly warned their viewers to be wary of the game. It turned out to be just a way to convince players to donate their money to the creator's Patronite account.

Less than a year ago People of Newberry almost completely disappeared from the web. The only traces of the game are materials warning against it. What's more any contact with the creator of the title ceased. Enter VGG studio, which is working on AlterLife, a game clearly reminiscent of the aforementioned title.

Of course, we can not say with certainty that the freshly-announced game is a hoax aimed at exploiting players. It is possible that the similarities between both titles are just a coincidence. For now, however, it's worth approaching AlterLife with limited trust.

According to the announcement, the game will appear only on PC. For now, its release date has not been disclosed.

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