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News video games 26 October 2020, 20:10

author: Milosz Szubert

Among Us in VR Available for Free as Fan Project

User Jar recreated The Skeld map from Among Us in VRChat. It does not only look the part - you can play a full match on it, just like in InnerSloth's popular work.

Would you like to try your hand at Among Us, but wouldn't spend the money on the PC version and don't like to play on mobile devices? Or are you a fan of the game and would you like to see how its rules would work in a somewhat different setting? If so, as usual, fans are here to help. One of them, known as Jar, decided to use VRChat app available for free on Steam and recreate The Skeld map from InnerSloth's game.

On The Skeld prepared by Jar you can have fun via the VRChat app. Contrary to the name, VR goggles are not required to use it (although they improve the experience). Once you have downloaded it and finished the tutorial, press the Escape key and then select Worlds. Use the built-in search engine, type in the phrase "Among Us" and click on "Among Us" Game. Just wait a while and you can start the game.

Among Us in VR Available for Free as Fan Project - picture #1
Here's how Jar's map from Among Us looks like in the search results in VRChat app (marked with red frame).

Ten people take part in the competition on Jar's map, who play as astronauts. They have to perform various tasks scattered all over the ship. However, their job is hindered by so-called impostors, saboteurs, whose task is to kill everyone on the ship. If they do that, they win. But if the crew manages to correctly type and eliminate the impostors through voting, or if they complete all the commissioned tasks, then they win. So everything sounds pretty much the same as in the original Among Us. But the game on VRChat is a bit different from the one that many have already gotten used to. The first-person perspective, which increases the feeling of danger, changes a lot. Moreover, 3D avatars, which can make gestures, add new touch to meetings and voting in the canteen. You can see it on the following gameplay recorded by YouTuber Ross O'Donovan.

The current version of The Skeld map recreated in VRChat has a few bugs, although none of them would make the game unplayable. The only question is, will Jar be able to eliminate them, or will InnerSloth send an NDA first. And will players be interested in it for a longer time, or will they soon miss the specific cartoonish style of the original Among Us? We should know the answers to these questions soon.

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