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News hardware & software 18 January 2019, 15:10

author: ElMundo

Android Q to receive night mode and new dev options

Although there is still some time left before the release of the new version of Android, codenamed Q, the first unofficial distribution of this OS has already been released, and lets you to check some of the changes Google intends to implement.

Although Android 9 Pie' shares in the context of all Android smartphones amount to barely a few percent, and the update of subsequent mobile devices is going quite reluctantly, this does not prevent Google from working on a new version of this system, which for the time being has been given the code name "Q". The team of XDA Developers service managed to get to the early version of this OS, launched on Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone XL.

Thanks to this, we were able to get to know a few novelties, which will quite certainly will become a part of the new Android. One of the most interesting novelties is undoubtedly the appearance of night mode, which is the next step of the Mountain View concern towards battery saving. So far, Google has tried to place a dark color scheme in many of its applications, and now, most likely, it's time for a new version of the system. It is not known how the manufacturers of this OS will solve the problem of compatibility of this mode with applications that already have this feature. It will take at least a few more months before we know any specifics in this matter.

New development options are also noteworthy - among them is especially ability switching on the so-called "desktop mode", which allows us to reasonably assume that we will be able to use Android from the level of our PC, i.e. we will get the function known from the Samsung DeX. It will also be possible to record the screen from the level of the system, which will eliminate the need to use many complicated and quite clumsy applications.

Android Q is also intended to improve the management of permissions for individual applications. This tool will be much more extensive, and we will be able to disable some permissions even while using the program.

There's still a long way to the release of Android Q – it's very likely that the debut of this distribution of the system will take place in 2020. You have to admit, however, that the first changes look really good.

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