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News video games 25 September 2020, 15:06

author: Milosz Szubert

Art of Rally Reviews Depict a Love Letter for Cars and Racing

Last Wednesday, art of rally, a minimalist racing game from the independent studio Funselektor Labs, debuted on PC. The title gathers positive opinions in the industry media.

  1. On September 23, the racing game art of rally from the independent one-man studio Funselektor Labs debuted on PC.
  2. The title has gained recognition in the industry media, according to which it is a beautiful love letter to racing games.

At the beginning of September racing game enthusiasts received WRC 9. The next installment of the popular series developed by Kylotonn, using the official World Rally Championship license, has gathered very good reviews in the industry media. This month, however, another game focusing on dynamic, car competition in the wilderness appeared on PC, and it happens that it also gets pretty good ratings. The title in question is art of rally.

art of rally was liked by the reviewers.

Art of rally was developed by independent Canadian studio Funselektor Labs, which is composed of only one man - Duny Casu. His debut work was Absolute Drift. As the developer himself emphasizes on his official website - he creates only such games that he would like to play himself. And this passion has gained recognition among reviewers. They point out that art of rally is a beautiful "love letter to cars and racing in general". (quoted from WayTooManyGames review). The title is distinguished by a surprisingly deep for an independent game driving system, which is a combination of simulation and a more arcade approach, minimalist but eye-catching visuals and pleasant music. All of this makes art of rally a good choice for a longer session as well as for a shorter run, for example as a warm-up before a session in some other game. Only controls can be a bigger problem.

art of rally - selected review scores

  1. Saving Content - 5/5
  2. WayTooManyGames - 9/10
  3. God is a Geek - 9/10
  4. TheGamer - 2.5/5

art of rally can be purchased on Steam, Epic Games Store and On all three platforms until September 30, the basic version of the title will cost $33.73. Later, the price will increase to $34.99.

art of rally

art of rally

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