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News video games 07 October 2020, 14:57

author: Bart Swiatek

Baldur's Gate 3 Reception and First 23 Minutes on Video

Steam has assembled a lot of reviews from players who decided to buy Baldur's Gate III in early access. The reviews are generally positive and the title itself is very popular on Valve's platform. We also have a video showing over twenty minutes of gameplay from the very beginning of the game.


  1. Baldur's Gate III is very popular on Steam, with nearly 74,000 people playing the game at the best moment of yesterday;
  2. The feedback from players is overwhelmingly positive (81%). The gameplay mechanics, graphics and the way D&D rules were transferred to the game are praised;
  3. Users who did not like the title most often point out bugs, interface and optimization problems and excessive similarity to Divinity: Original Sin II.

Yesterday, the early access to Baldur's Gate III, the latest part of the iconic RPG series set in the Forgotten Realms universe, was made available on Steam. Statistics collected by SteamDB show that at the best moment of the first day, almost 74 thousand people were simultaneously playing Larian Studios' latest work. It seems that the title was a successful debut.

However, this is not all, because the game was also well received by the players. 81% of users rated it positively. Among the advantages are the amount of content, beautiful graphics, and the fact that the title reflects the feeling of playing a real Dungeons & Dragons session.

"There are definitely bugs. I killed someone and they flew completely off the screen, and mouths frequently don't move when someone is talking. Still, I would compare this to Dragon Age more than DOS. It feels more personalized on your specific character, which I find endearing. Is it worth 60? No. Will it be worth more than 60? Yes," states Captain V.

Players complaining about Larian Studios' new work most often point to bugs and technical problems (including multiplayer mode, which in the current version of BG3 is practically unplayable). There are also complaints about more fundamental things, such as characters, dialogues, world, encounter plannin or excessive similarity to Divinity: Original Sin II.

"Very few of the characters are interesting or likable. Whereas DOS 2 had a playful tone and a colorful cast of characters to enjoy, the characters in this game are a bunch of boring jerks. Normally I love dialogue in RPGs, but the sheer meanness of the writing in this game makes conversations with NPCs downright unpleasant," Aristides complains.

There's also a video on the web, showing the first twenty-three minutes of Baldur's Gate III. If you're still not sure if this is a game for you, have a look at it.

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Baldur's Gate III

Baldur's Gate III

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