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News video games 18 November 2021, 16:02

author: Qskan

Battlefield 2042 Stickers in CS:GO; Surprising Collaboration Between Valve and EA

A day before the official release of Battlefield 2042, we learned of a collaboration between Valve and DICE. Stickers advertising the latest installment of Battlefield will appear in CS:GO.

  1. Developers of Battlefield 2042 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have announced a collaboration;
  2. CS:GO added weapon stickers to advertise the release of the new BF.

Collaborations like this between big brands of online shooters don't happen often. There's less than a day left until the launch of Battlefield 2042, and this is the moment chosen to announce a collaboration between the new BF and CS:GO. Valve's shooter has received a capsule with stickers referring to the latest EA DICE game. The unexpected partnership was announced, among other channels, via Twitter.

Below we quote a message from the official account Counter-Strike:

"Today we're excited to ship the Battlefield 2042 Sticker Capsule featuring 12 unique designs from Battlefield 2042, releasing November 19th!"

The team behind BF 2042 responded in kind and has also brought up the topic of collaboration on their social media:

"CS:GO love us so much, they put us in their game as a sticker capsule. We love them so much, de_dust2042 is basically Hourglass."

Battlefield 2042 Stickers in CS:GO; Surprising Collaboration Between Valve and EA - picture #1

The sticker capsule contains 17 new stickers with 12 different patterns (some patterns are repeated, but they differ in material and degree of rarity). Ten are paper (the most common), four are rare hologram stickers, and three (the rarest) are foiled.

Will this move attract some CS:GO fans to the latest Battlefield (and vice versa)? That's a tough question; certainly both Valve and EA would love to increase their active player bases, but remember that these games are very different. Not every fan of BF will like the somewhat clunky by today's standards CS:GO, just as not every bomb-planting enthusiast on Dust 2 will like the "casual" and fast-paced nature of Battlefield. Still, it's an interesting move on the part of both companies, and who knows, it may pay off in the future.

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