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News video games 28 February 2017, 11:57

author: luckie

Beat Cop and Thimbleweed Park both launching on March 30

March 30, 2017 marks the release date of two promising point-and-click adventure games: a 1980's story Beat Cop and Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed Park.

New York of the 1980s, a cop framed for murder, and dozens of humorous references to old cop movies and TV shows – this is what you can expect from Beat Cop, an upcoming point-and-click adventure game from Polish indie studio Pixel Crow. The game’s publisher, 11 bit studios (the creators of This War of Mine) has announced that Beat Cop is going to hit Steam on March 30, 2017. Such information appeared in the new trailer, styled after an old TV commercial, which advertises… a game mode for cats. See for yourself, if you dare:

OK, that was a bit weird. Anyways, Beat Cop looks like a quite interesting mix of classic point-and-click adventure game and time manager. The protagonist’s daily routine includes patrolling the streets, chasing after petty criminals and writing tickets. In the meantime, he will also try to investigate who framed him, causing his demotion from a respected detective to a beat cop hated by everyone – including his boss, wife and the local mafia.

Another old-school point-and-click that launches on the same date – March 30, 2017 – is Thimbleweed Park from the veterans of the genre: Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. The game will take us to the eponymous town, where bizzare things start to happen. The player will control five different characters: grumpy clown, ghost of a dead man, a pair of detectives, and a nerd girl, while trying to discover the mystery surrounding this place. Thimbleweed Park will be first available on PC, Xbox One, and later also on iOS and Android.

Beat Cop

Beat Cop

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