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News video games 08 June 2022, 22:34

author: Agnes Adamus

BF 2042 Left to a Handful of Poeple; Battlefield 7 Gets Priority

According to Jeff Grubb, only a small group of developers is working on Battlefield 2042. Instead, most of DICE is focusing on the so-called Battlefield 7.

Battlefield 2042 is fading into the background. According to popular insider Jeff Grubb, only a handful of people are still working on the title. Most of the EA DICE team is supposed to be working on the next installment of the series.

Battlefield 2042 supported at a minimal cost

In Grubbsnax's program (via VGC) the journalist revealed that Electronic Arts plans to provide only the previously announced, limited support for Battlefield 2042. As part of it we are to receive four seasons (the first of which will launch tomorrow) over the next year. The whole thing, however, will supposedly be created at the lowest possible cost by a small group of developers.

"The game is essentially being overseen by a skeleton crew to provide residual support. What it boils down to is that this handful of people are working on the extra seasons that the more expensive versions of the title were sold with to fulfill the promises that were made."

Battlefield 7 in production

Grubb announced that the majority of EA DICE team is already working on the next part of the series, which for now is called Battlefield 7. The new installment of the series is only at the pre-production stage. So it will be a long time before we hear about it officially.

"They are doing this to move everyone to the new Battlefield. The core of the team is already working on the next installment."

At this point, we don't have any additional information about the sequel. In addition, you should take into account the fact that this information does not come directly from the developers - so not everything may turn out to be true.

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

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