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News guides 15 May 2023, 13:13

author: Damian Gacek

Character Creation in Wartales - All Choices Explained

In this guide we will talk about character creation in Wartales. You can learn here everything about all choices.

Version 1.0 of Wartales was released and it attracted thousands of players. Many people want to become mercenary captains and this game allow them to do this. However, before you start the title, there are some choices to make. You have to go through character creation. In this guide we will explain all options.

Choose your destiny

#1 choice

  1. Your Companions are…

The first choice is about picking your starting party and bonuses. You should concentrate on choosing proper warriors. Your team must be useful and universal. We recommend the first option – “Apprentice friends looking for an adventure”. It consists of all necessary elements – tanks and damage dealers.

This choice will provide you also with Influence. It is an important currency, which will allow you to hire an additional Companion at the beginning of the game (we recommend a Spearman). It can be useful to give your team some boost in the first hours.

#2 choice

  1. Your Companions…

You have to pick one of the perks for your party. It is permanent, so you should think about it carefully. There are actually a few which are interesting:

  1. Are used to long walks – reduce the speed at which the fatigue stacks.
  2. Are cunning fighters – bonus to experience and influence.
  3. Are excellent at slap game – bonus to critical damage.

All 3 of above choices are valid and they are good to pick. However, if you start the game for the first time, we recommend the long walks because you travel a lot in Wartales. An ability to move farther will help you do more things in the long term.

#3 choice

  1. If they had a flaw, it would be…

This section is about choosing a debuff. It sems that “the best one” is a somewhat meek appearance. It will decrease carrying capacity of each Companion by 1. Don’t get me wrong – it is an extremally important trait, because it lowers the amount of loot and equipment you can carry. However, there are mounts in the game and they can do heavy lifting. So, loosing 1 capacity per a teammate is not a big loss in the long term.

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Exploration mode

Character Creation in Wartales - All Choices Explained - picture #1

This is the most important decision in the creation menu, as it will determine your experience. Adaptive Exploration will cause regions to adapt to your group’s strength. On the other hand, Region-locked Exploration will make some areas easier and some more difficult, so you must visit them in more or less proper order.

If you are interested in tactical fights and you have some experience, pick Adaptive Exploration. The combats will be longer and more challenging. However, you won’t feel the progress, your team will not become more powerful, as all fights will scale to your strength.

If you are a new player or want to experience more RPG gameplay, pick Region-locked Exploration. It will allow you to travel at your own pace and learn the game bit by bit. Nevertheless, coming back to easier regions with powerful party may be boring.

  1. More about this this topic is written here.

Starting Region and Difficulty

Character Creation in Wartales - All Choices Explained - picture #2

Starting region

This choice determines where you will start your travels. If you are a new player, don’t change anything. The default location is balanced and a good starting point. In the case of more experienced captains, changing a region may be interesting to check different perspective.


You can experiment here. It is possible to change difficulty settings in the game. You can do that in the menu (press the ESC key) and click the gear icon on the right.

However, if you are a new player, we recommend to pick a Free Save mode. It will make your game a lot easier and more pleasant. You can’t change Save mode in-game.

Character creation

Character Creation in Wartales - All Choices Explained - picture #3

You can pick here skills and traits of your Companions. It is important to match them with the role, you want them to fulfill. For example, in the case of frontline characters, strength is quite useful.

You can pick one positive trait, or two good and one negative. It is better to choose the second option because you can take a mild debuff. Below we present skills for characters based on the Apprentice friends looking for an adventure choice.

Negative trait

Picking a negative trait is easier than a positive one. You should choose Glutton or Lazy for everyone (or mix of them), except for a horse. The first one will add additional food requirement for your people at the end of the day, while the second one will make them learn professions slower.

In the first case, you may experience some difficulties at the beginning, but eventually you will have a lot of food, especially when you start cooking meals.

Lazy makes you learn professions slower, but you will learn them eventually. There are only few levels of them, so sooner or later you will manage, especially if you will use them often.

Nevertheless, in our opinion Glutton is probably better to take in the long term.


  1. Weapon – two-handed hammer is useful because you will meet many armored enemies, and this choice is ideal to counter that.
  2. Utility – Wraith, you want this character to give as much damage as possible.
  3. Trait – Strong and Bloodthirsty.


  1. Weapon – one-handed sword; you need someone with a shield.
  2. Utility – First aid, healing is very important.
  3. Traits – Brawny and Strong.


  1. Utility – Run, this character is a melee combatant but does not use heavy armors, so this skill can be useful.
  2. Traits: Quick and Nimble


  1. Utility – First Aid
  2. Traits – Quick and Nimble


  1. Positive Traits – Brawny and Stocky.
  2. Negative Trait – Unlucky (horses do not need critical hit stat).

Wartalales – Interactive Map and Guide

We have written a guide. You can find there useful information about various mechanics. However, what is more, we have prepared a map. You can check it here.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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