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News video games 27 July 2020, 11:59

author: Bart Swiatek

CS:GO - Players Claim Trusted Mode Increased the Number of Cheaters

According to some players, the update, which introduced the so-called Trusted Mode - a new solution for battling cheaters - was, in practice, counterproductive.

Another problem with cheaters in CS:GO.


  1. According to some players, the so-called Trusted Mode in CSGO has led to an increase in the number of cheaters in the game;
  2. Users with different skill levels complain, but the situation is worst for people with low Trust Factor;
  3. Some players do not know why they have low TF and have no idea how to increase it.

Some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players claim that the introduction of a new anti-cheater tool - Trusted Mode - has had the opposite effect to expectations, increasing the number of cheaters in the game. On Reddit and Twitter we can find numerous posts devoted to this topic.

"Since the trusted launch update I have been experiencing much more cheaters in high elo [the best section of the rankings - editorial note] than before. (...) People just overall have less badges and medals and newer accounts. This caused a lot of boosted players or players with bought accounts, and with them came the cheaters," wrote vule25.

According to some reports, the situation is particularly troublesome in the case of accounts with low Trust Factor. Interestingly, some players are not sure why they are in this group at all - they have low TF, although they have never used cheats or otherwise abused the trust of team members (or at least that's what they claim).

"I literally keep getting matched against blatant cheaters match after match. It is literally impossible to deal with that type of gameplay. I have never cheated, I have never griefed teammates holy f*ck I have never even said something bad in chat unless someone was blatantly cheating. I have been struggling against cheaters for 100-150 hours in-game and somehow I still managed to reach Legendary Eagle in competitive matchmaking. Are there any confirmed ways to improve TF?," asks NiccoloZaza.

It is worth recalling that the so-called Trusted Mode was introduced in early July. The system is supposed to prevent the use of hacks by blocking external files that try to influence the game's client. The solution has been criticized from the very beginning (among other things, due to questionable effectiveness and conflicts with applications used by streamers) and there have already been two updates improving its functioning.

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Last update: 2020-07-27

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