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News video games 07 April 2020, 11:49

author: Adrian Werner

DayZ Devs are Working on a Massive Survival Game

DayZ mod creator Dean Hall revealed that he is working on a massive survival game, and the development team was joined by Brian Hicks, who was the creative director of the commercial DayZ release at Bohemia Interactive.

DayZ remains Dean Hall's best-known work.
In a nutshell:
  1. Creator of the DayZ mod is working on an unannounced survival game;
  2. Brian Hicks joined the team, who was the creative director of the commercial release of DayZ;
  3. The unannounced project is described as "massive".

We received the first information about what Dean Hall, the father of DayZ, is currently doing. He revealed that his studio Rocketwerkz is working on an unannounced survival game. The creator did not share any details except that the production is "massive", although we don't know if it concerns the scale of the game or the project itself.

Hall revealed this information when announcing that Rocketwerkz was joined by Brian Hicks, who previously served as the creative director of the commercial version of DayZ in Bohemia Interactive. Dean Hall was responsible for the original mod and was one of the main driving forces in the first years of developing the game based on this modification. So we can say that the team dealing with the unannounced survival project is headed by the two most important developers responsible for DayZ.

Let us recall that Dean Hall left Bohemia Interactive in 2014. Rocketwerkz studio he founded has so far released two VR games - Out of Ammo and Out of Ammo: Death Drive, and the team's third space station simulator project Stationeers debuted in late 2017 in early access and is still being developed. The team announced two other projects - Ion and Living Dark. The former has been cancelled, and the latter went off the radar for so long that fans suspect it has also been abandoned.

After Hall left Bohemia Interactive, Brian Hicks became the head of the team responsible for DayZ, but he also left the company in 2018.

Last but not least, Rocketwerkz's survival project is described by Dean Hall as "unannounced", so he can't mean Living Dark or Ion's resurrection.

  1. Rocketwerkz - official website


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