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Old World - Civilization's Competitor Early Access Launch Date

Christian Pieniazek, 14 April 2020, 23:27

We learned the date of the early access release of Old World, a turn-based 4X strategy game that will try to challenge the Civilization series. The title developed by Mohawk Games (the devs of the warmly received Offworld Trading Company) can already be ordered from Epic Games Store.

Sony Gives Away Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey

Michael Kulakowski, 14 April 2020, 22:49

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, Sony announced the Play at Home initiative. As part of the initiative, all PlayStation 4 owners will be able to download Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey for free. The company has also created a special fund to financially support independent developers working on PlayStation titles.

Desperados 3 - Price and Content of Collector's Edition

Christian Pieniazek, 14 April 2020, 22:39

Price and content of the collector's edition of Desperados III, which will be released on PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the summer, was revealed. The set looks quite impressive, and its most interesting element is... a music box, which plays a fragment of the soundtrack.

Chimera Squad - New XCOM Game Announced

Christian Pieniazek, 14 April 2020, 22:22

Firaxis Games has revealed its new work. XCOM: Chimera Squad is slated for launch on PC this month.

Valorant - Anti-cheat Launches on PC Startup

Milosz Szubert, 14 April 2020, 19:33

The anti-cheat security in Valorant from Riot Games is very controversial. It launches when the system starts up and works at the kernel level of the operating system, which means it has extensive administrative rights. Moreover, Reddit users report that it causes some problems in other games.

Valve's Patent Suggests Steam Controller 2 is Being Developed

Arkadiusz Strzala, 14 April 2020, 15:56

A patent for a new controller from Valve has recently been published. It shows that the device will have replaceable buttons. Is this the new Steam Controller?

The Search for Free on Steam

Christian Pieniazek, 14 April 2020, 15:50

The Search, a classic point-and-click adventure that resembles the iconic Myst, is waiting to be acquired for free on Steam. You have to hurry up to add it to your collection, as the game will be available only for 3 more hours.

ESRB Will Inform of Randomized Microtransactions

Paul Wozniak, 14 April 2020, 15:42

The ESRB, an age rating organisation for US and Canadian markets, introduces a new label. It will enable players to know whether the title contains any form of randomized microtransactions.

The Witcher (Netflix) Scenes Without CGI

Christian Pieniazek, 14 April 2020, 15:36

The team at Platige Image has published a video that enables ys to see how selected shots from the first season of The Witcher were presented in a raw form and compare them with completed scenes enriched with the effects of the work of graphic designers and animators.

Bannerlord - Flaming Arrows and Battle of 2500 Warriors

Bart Swiatek, 14 April 2020, 14:22

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is developing rapidly and players find a lot of ways to make further increase their enjoyment. The result are mods that add new features and possibilities to the game - such as flaming arrows - as well as videos of great battles involving thousands of 3D models.

Prices of 10th Generation Intel CPU Leaked

Laty, 14 April 2020, 14:12

A Canadian hardware store has added several 10th generation Intel Core processors to its offer, along with their prices. However, this is not verified information and the final price of the chips may be different.

Ghost of Tsushima - Player's Choices Will be Crucial

Bart Swiatek, 14 April 2020, 13:54

The May issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK features an announcement of Sucker Punch's latest game, Ghost of Tsushima. Thanks to the article we got to know a lot of details about the plot and mechanics of the game.

Pope Simulator Announced

Adrian Werner, 14 April 2020, 12:29

PlayWay has announced The Pope: Power & Sin, a PC game that will enable us to play the role of a Pope who began his reign in the late 15th century.

First Shots From Dune Movie

Milosz Szubert, 14 April 2020, 12:24

The first shots from Dune, a new movie adaptation of Frank Herbert's famous science fiction novel, appeared online. The movie, directed by Denis Villeneuve, will debut in cinemas on December 18.

Unusual Mini ITX Case Looks Like a Component Hanger

Laty, 14 April 2020, 12:17

Mini ITX cases are often used to build compact computers. There are many such products on the market, but the most interesting are those created by enthusiasts.

Crysis Remaster - Crytek Teases Once Again

Milosz Szubert, 14 April 2020, 12:08

The official Crysis account on Twitter has seen first activity in over three years. This is probably another teaser of the remaster of the first part, which has been widely rumored for several months now.

Huawei Aiming to Enter GPU Market?

Laty, 14 April 2020, 11:58

Huawei is recruiting employees for the new department, whose task will be to build server graphics cards. These may be one of the last elements for China to achieve technological independence.

Capcom May be Working on Resident Evil 4 Remake

Bart Swiatek, 14 April 2020, 11:47

According to Video Game Chronicle, the Japanese company Capcom is working on a remake of Resident Evil 4. M-Two studio under the leadership of former PlatinumGames boss Tatsui Minami is to be responsible for the development of the game. The title is said to have been in the works for two years and will be released in 2022.

Resident Evil 3 Boats Good Sales Results

Adrian Werner, 14 April 2020, 11:34

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 3 has already sold over 2 million copies. We also learned about the current results of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard and last year's Resident Evil 2.

Assassin's Creed 2 for Free on Uplay

Bart Swiatek, 14 April 2020, 11:20

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad announced that today, the French company Ubisoft will offer another gift on Uplay. The gift in question will be the second instalment of the Assassin's Creed series. The gift is to encourage people to stay at home in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.