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E3 2020 Canceled Without the Announced Online Event

Michael Kulakowski, 07 April 2020, 20:58

Contrary to previous assurances, the E3 2020 organizers will not prepare an online event to present the most important announcements in the schedule of the canceled fair.

Saints Row 5 Still in the Works, Says Volition

Christian Pieniazek, 07 April 2020, 20:21

Volition decided to reassure fans of Saints Row and remind them that the fifth installment of the series is still in works. At the same time, the devs point out that the third remaster of the series, announced yesterday, will be the work of Sperasoft.

All Microsoft Events Until July 2021 Only in Digital Form

Christian Pieniazek, 07 April 2020, 20:01

Due to the global situation, Microsoft was forced to change its calendar and strategy. Until July 2021, all events of the company will take place only in digital form.

No Man's Sky - New Update Will Introduce Big Mechs [Updated]

Bart Swiatek, 07 April 2020, 18:37

Looks like the space sandbox game No Man's Sky is going to get another big update. It will be called Exo Mech and it will introduce big powered armor. The novelty hasn't been officially announced yet, but due to a leak, its first trailer has appeared on the web.

Last Oasis Gains Popularity Despite a Rocky Launch

Daria Bochenska, 07 April 2020, 14:48

Last Oasis, a game from the Polish studio Donkey Crew, combining elements of survival and MMO, did not have the best start. However, after overcoming some technical issues, it is beginning to gain popularity.

5G Smartphones Will Drain Batteries Even Faster

Arkadiusz Strzala, 07 April 2020, 14:40

Mobile devices supporting 5G network can work up to 20% shorter than previous ones, communicating in the 4G/LTE standard. This information comes from Xiaomi, one of the smartphone market leaders.

Forza Horizon 4 has Already 685 Cars and More May be Inbound

Bart Swiatek, 07 April 2020, 14:31

A leak published on Reddit suggests that over a hundred new cars may appear in Forza Horizon 4. The rumor is based on information found in the game files.

Minecraft - 18 Million People Have Played on the Popular Server

Milosz Szubert, 07 April 2020, 14:19

18 million unique players have already visited Hypixel's server in Minecraft. That's as much as 52% of all people who bought the popular Java edition of Mojang AB's game.

Call of Duty: Warzone - Helpful Analysis of the Gas Zone

Bart Swiatek, 07 April 2020, 14:09

One of the players decided to analyze the shrinking battle zone in Call of Duty: Warzone. In his opinion, the final battle is most often fought in large, open spaces, which has an impact on the style of play adopted in the endgame.

Gamers Put Justin Bieber's House Into The Sims and Classic RTS

Adrian Werner, 07 April 2020, 13:58

With a bit of extra pixels, the house of singer Justin Bieber bears an uncanny resemblance to buildings from isometric PC strategy game. It is so similar in fact that people started to paste the building into screenshots from such games. The results are hilarious.

Valorant - How to Get Into Beta; Tests Launch Today

Paul Wozniak, 07 April 2020, 13:46

Today, the closed beta tests of Valanort, the new online shooter from the creators of LoL, will begin. Those who have not yet received access to them will now get a second chance. By linking our Riot account with Twitch and watching selected streamers, we will be able to grab one of several thousand access keys.

Also HBO GO Battles Network Load, Quality May Suffer

Milosz Szubert, 07 April 2020, 13:34

Due to the coronavirus epidemic and higher than usual network load, HBO decided to control the bandwith on its streaming platform. Thus, the well-known station followed the example of Netflix.

Valorant Beta: Devs Warn That Tests May be Problematic

Bart Swiatek, 07 April 2020, 13:22

Developers at Riot Games warn that the soon-to-be-launched beta-tests of Valorant can be quite problematic. Players should expect lags and other difficulties, as creating networking structures and testing is currently hampered by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Public Domain Photo of Coronavirus Getting Sold for $500

Laty, 07 April 2020, 13:09

Last week, graphic designers from the American National Institute of Health created an illustration of the novel coronavirus. The picture is available free of charge in the public domain, which does not prevent Getty Images from selling it for a lot of money.

The Sims 4 - Three New Add-ons, Including One Major

Adrian Werner, 07 April 2020, 12:55

The team at Maxis has revealed that The Sims 4 will receive three new add-ons over the next six months. There will be one major expansion among them.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Devs Show MoCap Shots From Their Next Game

Milosz Szubert, 07 April 2020, 12:45

Warhorse, the studio known for its popular RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, has posted a Tweet to present new swords for a motion capture session. They post also show a person who already participated in them, which may mean that the sessions for the new game are already underway.

DayZ Devs are Working on a Massive Survival Game

Adrian Werner, 07 April 2020, 11:49

DayZ mod creator Dean Hall revealed that he is working on a massive survival game, and the development team was joined by Brian Hicks, who was the creative director of the commercial DayZ release at Bohemia Interactive.