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News video games 08 June 2022, 15:47

author: Agnes Adamus

DBD The Dredge Character Description

In this post you will find information about The Dredge, which is a new assassin in Dead by Daylight. You will find out here what kind of power and perks he has.

Yesterday, the Roots of Dread, the 24th chapter to Dead by Daylight, has been released. Along with it there is a new map, survivor called Haddie Kaur and killer called The Dredge. Below you can find detailed description of the new monster.

Who is The Dredge?

The Dredge is a killer of undefined shape. He resembles a conglomerate of flesh, bound together by dark energy. It was created as an embodiment of the evil thoughts of members of the peaceful organization known as the Homestead.

DBD The Dredge Character Description - picture #1

The character of The Dredge may evoke some associations with the Boogeyman, a mythical creature from English folklore. Both characters have no definite shape and hide in the darkness.

The Dregde's power

The basic ability of The Dregde is teleportation between cabinets scattered around the arena. This enables him to efficiently move around the map. With this come several new interactions specific to this killer.

  1. Survivors can lock the cabinets. This makes it take longer for the killer to come out of it.
  2. If a survivor is in a locker that the killer teleports to, the survivor will automatically be caught.
  3. When the survivor tries to lock the locker the killer is in, the survivor will automatically be captured.
  4. The kliller can destroy the locker's bolt with a basic attack.

A Remnant appears in the area where the loading process begins. It can be revisited until the survivor enters it or you choose to teleport to the indicated cabinet. This provides some opportunities to counter difficult loops.

The special ability of The Drege is Darkness. Every blow dealt to a survivor or hanging them on a hook causes the darkness meter to start refilling. Once it reaches the required value, near total darkness will engulf the map, and the survivors must navigate in. By default, Darkness lasts for 60 seconds.

Active Darkness also grants the following bonuses to The Dredge:

  1. Undetectability for the duration of the Darkness,
  2. Accelerated teleportation speed between lockers, and reduced time to wait for the next teleportation.

The Dregde's perks

In keeping with tradition, three perks skills have also made their way into the game along with the new killer. Initially, these are only available to The Drede. After you advance him to the appropriate levels, these perks will be able to be unlocked in the other killers.

Perk Name

Level required to unlock





Perk activates when a survivor is wounded and lasts for 12/16/20 seconds. During this time, the first quick pass of a survivor within range of terror through the palette causes it to be destroyed.

Dissolution is suitable as a perk to break loops. It works well in build for efficient pallet destruction.

Darkness revealed


After searching a cabinet, auras of survivors within 8 meters from other cabinets on the map are revealed for 3/4/5 seconds.

Perk especially useful for killers who must use lockers (Huntress, Magician). Natural actions related to their skills will additionally profit from revealing the location of survivors.

Septic Touch


If a survivor is healed within range of terror, the effects of Blindness and Exhaustion will be applied to them for 6/8/10 seconds after the healing is completed.

Counter to survivors healing themselves on the run, using such abilities such as Hard Art and Last Chance. Will also work well in conjunction with Nurse's Call for easier tracking of wounded survivors.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

On paper, a medical physicist. In reality, however, a humanist who has loved games since childhood. With this passion, she decided to try her hand at writing for a broader audience. She has been affiliated with Gamepressure since 2017. She started in the guides, now mainly writing for the newsroom, encyclopedia and marketing. Self-proclaimed specialist in free-to-play games. She loves strategy, simulators, RPGs and horror games. She also has a soft spot for online games. She has spent an immodest amount of hours in Dead by Daylight and Rainbow Six: Siege. In addition, she also enjoys watching horror movies (the worse they are, the better) and listening to music. Her greatest passion, however, is trains.


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