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News video games 28 March 2021, 19:25

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Death's Door in First Trailer; Play as Raven That Collects Souls

Ornithology fans will get a perfect game for satisfying their hobby this year. The arcade RPG Death's Door will enable us to control a raven collecting the souls of the dead.

  • Acid Nerve announced Death's Door, an arcade game with RPG elements;
  • In the title we will control a raven collecting the souls of the dead;
  • The release is scheduled for the summer, this year.

Two-person studio Acid Nerve has just announced its new work. It's a stylish arcade game with RPG elements - Death's Door. In the game, we play as a raven whose job is to collect the souls of the dead. One day it turns out that the soul he was supposed to collect was stolen by someone. The protagonist will have to set off on a journey through dangerous worlds inhabited by creatures that elude death. Each of them has its own story and motives. In the course of the game, we'll discover many secrets about each land and the role of ravens in the flow of souls.

The devs have released the first trailer which reveals what we can expect from the game. First of all, we see the beautifully stylized visuals. The developers have clearly put a lot of work to create a variety of colorful worlds. The trailer also announces that Death's Door will be filled with tons of action. Many fights with powerful bosses and smaller opponents await us. Clashes look dynamic and seem to require a lot of dexterity. Acid Nerve also announced that in combat we'll be able to use a variety of bows, swords, and spells, which can be improved over time.

The devs revealed to Game Informer that finishing Death's Door will take about 10 hours. This is a more extensive project compared to the studio's previous work, that is soulslike 2D game Titan Souls. The release of their upcoming title is scheduled for this summer. The game will appear on PC, Xbox One and Series S/X.

Death's Door

Death's Door

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