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News video games 28 March 2021, 19:20

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Subverse Goes Big on Steam After Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Another erotic game has climbed the popularity charts on Steam. Subverse from Studio FOW Interactive turned out to be a huge hit.

  • Subverse proved to be a huge hit on Steam.;
  • The game received very positive reviews, and the number of active players reached 25,000 at peak moment;
  • The title combines erotic elements with shoot 'em up gameplay and XCOM-like tactical strategy.

Erotic games on Steam are becoming an increasingly frequent topic of online discussions. Only recently we informed about the blocking of one of such games, and now another appeared in Valve's store, this time released for sale. We're talking about Subverse, an erotic sci-fi parody from Studio FOW Interactive. The game, which appeared on Steam on March 26, turned out to be quite a hit, collecting over 2,000 positive reviews in less than 24 hours. The number of active players is also impressive. At the peak moment it was as many as 25 thousand people. At the time of writing this news there are a bit over 6 thousand users in the game.

This achievement is not surprising when we consider that the game was one of the biggest Kickstarter successes in history. It is worth mentioning that this is only early access. There is still a lot of additional content waiting for the players, which will come with the release of the full version. The devs have also planned updates related to the milestones achieved during the fundraiser, which will begin to appear in the near future.

The plot of Subverse focuses on a rebellion against a galactic empire with very puritanical views. The task of the player and his crew is to overthrow the regime and enable the space community a more liberal approach to sexual matters. In terms of gameplay, Subverse is a fusion of two genres. The sequences in which we control our spaceship are a classic shoot'em up. During combat on foot, the game turns into a tactical strategy inspired by the XCOM series. Breaks between subsequent battles are in turn filled with intercourse with the female members of our crew. The devs do not hide that the element is the most important part of their title.

Despite all the feedback from the players shows that eroticism is not the only thing that the game is able to offer. In many reviews on Steam there are non-ironic praises aimed at gameplay, visuals, and refinement of the title. Humorous dialogues straight from B-movies are also often mentioned. FOW Interactive Studio can be proud of its work. After all, this is its first fully-fledged game. Until now, it was only responsible for pornographic 3D animations featuring female characters from popular franchises such as Tomb Raider or BioShock.



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