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News video games 11 March 2020, 22:46

author: Michael Kulakowski

Developer Shocked by Reaction to Horizon Zero Dawn PC Port

One of the developers from Guerilla Games, responsible for the development of Horizon: Zero Dawn, referred in strong words to the aggressive reactions of some fans, who felt betrayed by the confirmation of the arrival of its port.

Yesterday's official announcement of Horizon: Zero Dawn's PC port was accompanied by a storm of comments, not only on our website, but also on social media and gaming forums. Although rumors of ports have been reaching us for some time, many fans did not believe in their truthfulness even for a moment. The most fierce fans, have started pouring out their grievances in countless posts and or reacted in an even more extreme way. One of them posted a few seconds on Twitter to show their angrily destroyed desk and monitor. Sam Sharma from Guerilla Games reacted to the video in a decisive way:

Although the described case of a particularly short-fused fan is a one-off, there are certainly many Horizon: Zero Dawn fans that feel a little confused by the situation. Released in 2017, the title was one of the biggest exclusive games on PlayStation 4, and Guerilla Games remains the property of Sony. The company has not yet defined its policy on PC ports. We don't know whether the release of the game on PCs will be an exception to the rule or a sign of changing times.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will make its PC launch this summer, but it's not clear when exactly. However, there is already a game page with information about the title on Steam. The game will be released along with The Frozen Wilds expansion.

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