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News video games 29 October 2021, 15:54

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Diablo Immortal Beta Launches; Blizzard Tests Changes and Monetization

Blizzard Entertainment has started beta testing Diablo Immortal. After a short break, the mobile hack'n'slash returns with a new class, important changes and microtransactions.

  1. Blizzard Entertainment has begun closed beta tests of the Android version of Diablo Immortal in select countries;
  2. Compared to the alpha, the developers have introduced a handful of changes, including item sets, a new conflict cycle battle and changes to the Battle Pass progression system;
  3. The game has also begun testing controller support and microtransactions.

Diablo Immortal finally entered the beta testing phase. For now, the beta is closed and available only on Android devices in two countries (Canada and Australia), but it's already been announced that the access will be extended to China, Japan and South Korea.

Along with the start of the beta tests, the mobile installment of the Diablo series has gained another character class, the necromancer. Ruler of the undead was presented in the new trailer. You can watch it below.

Back in August, when it was announced that the release of Diablo Immortal is scheduled for 2022, the developers motivated this decision by the desire to make changes to the game based on the feedback after alpha testing. Some of those fixes - but not all - made it to the closed beta. They include an important modification to Combat Pass progression. It will be done not only through orders, but also dungeons and Ancient Rifts. Thanks to this, all players will be able to earn rewards within the pass, regardless of the in-game activities that interest them.

Diablo Immortal - equipment set bonuses

There are also changes in the equipment of advanced heroes - special bonuses. Bonuses can be obtained for item sets (consisting of gauntlets, boots, two rings, amulet and belt), which are added to secondary inventory slots. The first bonus tier is obtained for three items from one group, and the next one for all six. The effects will range from a bonus to base attributes to a variety of summoning abilities that can be combined.

Blizzard has also reworked PvP and PvE gameplay. The former has been enhanced with a special challenge within the Conflict Cycle. After winning the Rite of Exile, thirty players from the Shadow faction will face off against the Lord of the Immortals, who will be promoted to the rank of boss. The outcome of the clash will affect the entire server. Moreover, Battlegrounds scoreboards have been added to Diablo Immortal.

The Helliquary has been changed in PvE. Groups of eight players can now engage in battles against demons. Blizzard also mentioned more attractive loot (read: more powerful items) for those interested in higher difficulty levels.

Tests of Controller Support and Microtransactions

Additionally, the developers introduced initial controller support (not all controllers and not working in every menu) as well as microtransactions. Payments have appeared in the game as a test - after the debut of Diablo Immortal , beta participants will receive a refund in the form of in-game balance. The developers want to check the attractiveness of in-game purchases.

More information about the beta tests can be found on the game's official website. Unfortunately, they still do not include the exact release date of Diablo Immortal. The game's debut on Android and iOS mobile devices is scheduled for next year.

  1. Diablo Immortal - official website
  2. Blizzard Entertainment - official website
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