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News video games 18 December 2019, 22:49

author: Michael Kulakowski

Dino Crisis and Darkstalkers; Capcom Registers Trademarks

Capcom has registered trademarks in Japan related to the Dino Crisis and Darkstalkers franchises. Although this fact may be only a formality on the part of the company, fans of the games hope that it announces the arrival of remakes or completely new installments of both series.

Thanks to the successes of games released in recent years, such as Monster Hunter: World, Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard and Resident Evil 2, Capcom is currently experiencing a small renaissance. The Japanese company has also regained the trust of the players, which in the past years was severely strained. At the moment it is so big that fans of the company's franchises are no longer afraid for their future, but are eagerly awaiting new announcements from the Japanese. For a long time now, fans of survival horror game Dino Crisis and fighting game Darkstalkers have been the groups that called for the return of these dormant series to life. One Twitter account (as BloodDisgusting noticed), which publishes recently registered trademarks in Japan, gave them hope that this would happen. According to the user, at the end of November and the beginning of December Capcom once again acquired rights to use titles such as Breath of Fire, Rockman (known as Megaman in the West), as well as Dino Crisis, Vampire (original Japanese title of Darkstalkers) and many others.

A well-made Dino Crisis remake can have great potential on modern hardware platforms.

Of course, we must remember that companies in the industry constantly register various types of trademarks, even those that they have not used for a long time, in order to avoid their expiration or complete loss. The situation we are dealing with in this case may therefore be a mere formality on the part of the company. However, it is possible that the Japanese may have plans to refresh one of the series listed in the tweets. The latest installment of Dino Crisis was released on Xbox in 2003. Darkstalkers is even older. The last, third installment of the series launched on PlayStation in 1998. However, the titles from the series were repeatedly renewed and remastered, last time they were put on sale was in 2013.

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