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News video games 01 June 2021, 11:23

author: Angelika Kaldus

New Update for Doom Eternal Finally Adds Ray Tracing and DLSS Support

Doom Eternal RTX is an update that will bring ray tracing and DLSS technologies to id Software's shooter. Nvidia will support it with dedicated drivers for GeForce graphics cards.

  • Nvidia to offer driver support for upcoming Doom Eternal patch that will add ray tracing support. The update is expected to arrive later this month;
  • It doesn't appear that the patch will also support global illumination or faster and more accurate shadow generation technology.

One year after launch of Doom Eternal we're excited to announce an update that will add the ray tracing technology, designed to create realistic light reflections or shadow placement. DLSS will also be introduced. The new patch for Doom Eternal is coming later this month and everything will be supported by dedicated drivers from Nvidia.

The new gameplay footage was recorded using NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti at 4K resolution. The GPU was able to generate between 75 and 110 fps.

Admittedly, for now id Software has not described the details of Doom Eternal's "beautification" process with ray tracing or the introduction of DLSS, but Nvidia has officially confirmed that players will be able to experience reflections with a whole new quality. Unfortunately, the changes will not include global illumination or better shadow technology.

Perhaps in the future we will hear about a new update, which will include these graphic elements, but for now players will have to settle for the upcoming Doom Eternal patch and try out its effects first hand.

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