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News video games 08 May 2021, 23:11

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Days Gone PC Without Ray Tracing and DLSS Support

The PC version of Days Gone, due out May 18, will not receive ray tracing or DLSS support. Instead, we'll get a number of other options to configure.

Days Gone, originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive title that will also come out on PC in 10 days, will lack both ray tracing support and Nvidia's DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology. This is what the game's devs at Bend announced on its official website.

It may seem a bit disappointing, but remember that the provided system requirements of Days Gone on PC (which we wrote about here) are quite low, thanks to which the game should run even on mid-range hardware. While the lack of ray tracing support is somewhat understandable, as ray tracing requires powerful graphics cards (see Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, released two days ago), the lack of DLSS 2.0 is a bit surprising. After all, the technology scales low-resolution images to higher-resolution ones in real time, which translates to a higher frame rate in a given game while maintaining good visuals and reducing the calculations that have to be performed by the graphics card.

Days Gone on PC will, of course, receive a number of other improvements over the PS4 version. The range of changes can be seen in the video above. Players will be able to, among others, increase the level of detail, the draw distance of leaves or the quality of shadows and rendering. In addition, the title will enable us to play without fps cap and offer support for ultra-wide monitors. You can see all the customizable options on the screenshot below.

Days Gone PC Without Ray Tracing and DLSS Support - picture #1

Bend's game will come out on PC on May 18 and will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store. This is another Sony game - after Horizon: Zero Dawn, whose Complete Edition on PS4 and PS5 can be picked up for free for one more week - coming out on PC. According to rumors, Ghost of Tsushima could be next, followed by God of War and Bloodborne.

Days Gone

Days Gone

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