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News movies & tv series 29 January 2019, 13:58

author: AlexB

Doom's movie premiere delayed due to... hell

Oh, bloody hell! Universal Studios has decided to postpone the release of the new DooM movie. All in order to maximize the quality of sequence that takes place in hell. The film is due to premiere this autumn.

Are you waiting for a new silver screen adaptation of the cult DooM series? If so, we have two news for you - bad and good. The first one is that Universal decided to postpone the premiere of the film. The production, directed and screenplayed by Tony Giglio (known from the Chaos and horror Timber Falls) is to debut in autumn this year - perhaps immediately on DVDs or streaming platforms. The second information explains the reason for this delay. The creators intend to polish the quality of special effects. According to Dread Central, they are especially concerned with the sequence taking place in hell. The location will receive appropriate cuts and new shots. This won’t change the story in any way, but add spice of "the original vision”.

Dooms movie premiere delayed due to... hell - picture #1
The heroes of the Doom series did not have an easy life with demons. It will be no different in the film.

The details of new film in Doom universe are not known. On the basis of the cast member's photo published last May, we concluded that the film would be based to some extent on the first part of the cult series of FPP shooters from id Software. Although, as the director revealed, some iconic opponents, such as Spiderdemon or Baron of Hell, will be missing in it. We know perfectly well who will play in the upcoming production. On the screen we will see, among others, Amy Manson, who will play the main character, Louis Mandylor, Nina Bergman, Jemma Moore, Clayton Adams, Katrina Nare and Chidi Ajuf.

Doom has some experience with the cinema. By that we mean Andrzej Bartkowiak's film from 2005, in which Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike played the leading roles. However, it was received badly by critics. Will the same fate await Giglio's production? On the one hand, the filmmakers are tempted by the presence of BFG and other elements characteristic of the id Software series and the use of practical special effects, but on the other hand, the director's work to date, as well as the likelihood of immediate release of the movie on the home market, suggests a rather unambitious low-end show. How is it going to end? The answer to this question will be known in some time.

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