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News video games 17 June 2022, 11:01

author: Adrian Werner

Dragon's Dogma 2 in the Pipeline; Popular RPG Gets an Overdue Sequel

Dragon's Dogma 2, the sequel to Capcom's popular action RPG, has been announced.

Capcom gave us a very pleasant surprise. The publisher has announced Dragon's Dogma II, a continuation of the excellent action RPG from 2012.

  1. No target platforms or planned release date have been revealed.
  2. The devs' reticence on the subject suggests that the project is in the early stages of development.
  3. Dragon's Dogma II will utilize the RE Engine, which has been powering most of Capcom's games in the past few years.
  4. The team is headed by Hideaki Itsuno, who held the same role on the first installment.

The game was announced during a broadcast organized to celebrate the 10th birthday of Dragon's Dogma. The stream focused on the creators' memories of the game, but at the very end they unveiled T-shirts with the logo of the sequel.

Dragon's Dogma debuted in May 2012 on Xbox One and PlayStation 3. A year later, an expanded version was released, entitled Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. This release was later ported to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The announcement of a sequel is good news. Fans have been asking for a second installment for years, but for a long time there were many indications that it was unlikely to happen. In 2015, an online spin-off debuted, in the form of Dragon's Dogma Online. Unfortunately, it never left the borders of Japan, and its servers were closed in 2019.

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