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News video games 06 February 2022, 12:57

author: Adrian Werner

Dying Light 2 Players Complain About Denuvo DRM Issues

The way the Denuvo DRM system is implemented in Dying Light 2 is already starting to cause problems for some players. They complain about delays in loading and the fact that the GeForce Now streaming service can only run the game five times a day.

The day before yesterday's release of Dying Light 2 became a huge success on Steam. This doesn't mean, however, that the PC version is free of problems. It turns out that one of them is too restrictive implementation of the Denuvo DRM system, which some players complain about (e.g. in the thread on Reddit).

How Denuvo works in Dying Light 2

Games using Denuvo require a connection to the DRM system's servers at first launch to confirm the game's authenticity. Once this happens, a key with a certificate is added to our data on Steam.

The key is not granted permanently and from time to time it is necessary to renew it, but usually this does not happen often. In the case of Dying Light 2 however, it is different, as the process has to be repeated after every reboot.

Why is the DRM so annoying?

Denuvo in Dying Light 2 allows for five such activations per day. This may seem like a large number, but the problem is that each such key generation delays the launch of the game.

The problem is even worse in GeForce Now

Dying Light 2 Players Complain About Denuvo DRM Issues - picture #1

Players have reported problems running games on GeForce Now. Source: BL4NK_SP4C3 on Reddit.

The way Denuvo is used in Dying Light 2 on regular PC is annoying, but it becomes even more problematic for those playing through the GeForce Now streaming service. This is because, every launch of the game through the service is treated as a reboot. In other words, when playing in the cloud we can only launch the game five times a day

Gamers have already started reporting such problems. Their frustration is hardly surprising, as it's unacceptable that a player buys a full version of a game and then can't access it just because the DRM system is too aggressive.

Players also report problems with loading Dying Light 2

On the Steam forums, some players are also complaining about other problems with the game. After starting Dying Light 2 on their PC, the menu does not load and instead the game freezes with a black screen. It is possible that this is caused by an error when downloading the first patch.

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