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News video games 02 July 2021, 12:12

author: Qskan

Techland Shows New Gameplay and Monsters From Dying Light 2

Techland shared more details on Dying Light 2: Stay Human during the Dying 2 Know show. This time the focus was on the enemies we will encounter in the game.

  1. In the latets episode of Dying 2 Know Techland presented a new gameplay from Dying Light 2, focusing on the stealth aspect of the game;
  2. The developers also presented the types of monsters that will stand in our way during the game.

There are only a few months left until the release of Dying Light 2. Techland shared more details of their game in another episode of Dying 2 Know, where individual team members talk about the game's development process. This time, the devs focused on the monsters we'll have to face on the streets (and buildings) of the city. Before we move on to the adversaties, it would be appropriate to describe what we've seen on the new gameplay footage.

The material presents scenes in which the protagonist Aiden Caldwell and his ally sneak into a hospital overrun by zombies. Their goal is to get special wristbands showing the state of infection (which is quite useful if you want to know if your companion will turn into a beast during the mission). The footage shows mainly stealth elements (plus some parkour). During the presented action we can see the dynamics of such sequences - when endangered Aiden has to move in crouch and must do so extremely quietly, often using the environment (e.g. hiding under the table in a crisis situation). Lead designer of Dying Light 2 Tymon Smektala stresses that during the day many buildings will be crawling with enemies, spelling certain doom to anyone who enters without preparation, but the stealth mechanics have been improved to the point where we can sneak past the enemies undetected.

Let's move on to the zombies. During the stream, the developers carefully avoided this name. From a technical point of view, they are right: the opponents are not undead, but sick people. However, their appearance and the way they move is deceptively reminiscent of the pop culture image of classic zombies. Although not all of them, because there are several types of monsters in the game:

  • Volatile: Fast and agile, though without any special skills;
  • Biter: Volatile weakened by sunlight, resembles the classic slow zombie;
  • Demolisher: big and strong, can throw objects;
  • Renevant: possesses spikes on its back;
  • Banshee: attacks by jumping from above, has large claws out of proportion to the rest of its body.
  • Howler: can alert the rest of the infected to our presence.

At the end of the show it was announced that in the next installment, the team will provide details on combat styles, crafting, and the aspect that distinguishes DL games from competition - we will take a closer look at the parkour.

Dying Light 2 will debut on December 7 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

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