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News video games 30 November 2020, 22:39

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Easter Egg May Reveal the Setting of Battlefield 6

Players have solved the mystery of the intriguing easter egg in Battlefield V. Some of the fans think that this also revealed where and when the action of Battlefield 6 will be set.

Essential information:
  • Battlefield V players have solved the mystery of an interesting easter egg and speculate that it may suggest the setting of a new installment of the series;
  • Numerous clues suggest modern times and a journey to Kazakhstan, but some are also looking for a return of the Bad Company sub-series.

Not only fans of Grand Theft Auto find enigmatic (or even dubious) clues about the future of their beloved franchise. Recently, similar theories have begun to be put forward by gamers gathered around the Battlefield series, thanks to an easter egg with the tower of Babel. This one appeared in the game some time ago, but only recently the puzzle was solved by a French streamer team. Leaving aside the impressive finale, the easter egg suggests Battlefield 6 returning to modern times, and perhaps also to the Bad Company sub-series. At least that's what Reddit and users and Flakfire from YouTube believe.

But let's start from the end. When French gamers managed to discover the secret of the easter egg, they were rewarded with a unique outfit called Eidolon, which could mean a ghost, phenomenon, or phantom in Greek. The latter option is all the more important because it evokes associations with the Phantom Program, an elite unit known from Battlefield 4. Of course, this can be considered a bit far-fetched. However, after discovering the easter egg of Babel, a song is played in the background, which some players considered a variation on the musical theme of the fourth installments. A coincidence? Not out of the question, but it would be thought-provoking.

There is another detail of the Eidolon set that caught the gamers' attention. The belt buckle of the outfit shows a sequence of Roman numerals. Just like the fans of GTA, Battlefield fans decided that these could be the coordinates (47289564 73892531). After entering them in the search engine, Google will display an unremarkable location in Kazakhstan. So far we have visited this country in only one installment of the series: in the console version of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. This can be seen as another indication of the setting of the new game from the series.

Let's assume that we take these fan theories at face value. But why the mention of Battlefield: Bad Company if not due to dreams of gamers who miss the "bad" installment of the series? We owe this to another (or rather the first) piece associated with the easter egg. When we try to solve the puzzle of Babel, a theme from Bad Company 2 is played in the background. According to typical Internet logic, one of Reddit users associated it with a piece from Battlefield 4 crowning the solving of the puzzle. After all, between the second and fourth installment there is only 3. And in this beautiful way, to paraphrase fans of the Half-Life series, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 was confirmed.

Easter Egg May Reveal the Setting of Battlefield 6 - picture #1
Once again, Battlefield fans want to spend time in bad company.

Of course, this "confirmation" has no real meaning, because it may turn out that all the "proofs" are just a random choice of the devs, and the easter egg has no connection with Battlefield 6. For example, the alleged track from BF4 can also be considered a mix of musical themes from all installments of the series. Even if the gamers are right this time, it is better to believe neither these speculations nor the alleged leaks. The latter are definitely numerous, and they also seem to indicate that the action of the new Battlefield is set in the present day, and perhaps even an imminent announcement of the game. Nevertheless, we are waiting for official information.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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