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News video games 24 October 2020, 19:10

author: Adrian Werner

Escape From Tarkov Patch 0.12.8 Goes Live

Battlestate released update for Escape from Tarkov. It offers additional type of bleeding, compass and a lot of new items and weapons.

  • Compass,
  • Heavy bleeding,
  • Additional weapons and other items,
  • Fixes and AI enhancements.

Online shooter Escape from Tarkov received another update. The patch bears the number and brings many expected changes.

The patch has added two new skills - crafting and hideout management. A compass has also been introduced to make it easier to navigate the maps. In turn, the damage system has been enriched with an additional, heavy type of bleeding, which requires special items to be stopped. Until we do this, we will leave blood traces behind. This novelty caused some confusion, because people who didn't read the list of changes were surprised that suddenly they couldn't heal some of wounds with old methods.

The patch also offers new types of items - kvass beverage, Esmarch tourniquet, and hemostatic syringe, which is used to quickly stop heavy bleeding.

Players have also been given the opportunity to instantly get rid of the backpack. In addition, bosses (Glukhar, Sanitar and Reshala) got voices. Additional types of faces and clothes for scouts were also introduced.

There are also new clothes and equipment for players. The weapons list was supplemented by such arms as M45A1 pistol, KS-23 shotgun and RFB rifle. The selection of mods for various weapons was also expanded.

The patch also brings bug fixes, as well as optimization and AI improvements. There is also a number of small changes to make life more pleasant for players, such as the ability to withdraw the invitation to friends list.

Let's recall that Escape from Tarkov is only available on PC. To get access to the game's early version, we must pre-order it. The standard edition of the title costs $34.99.

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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

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