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News video games 18 December 2020, 15:09

author: Arkadiusz Strzala

ETS2 and ATS Get Holiday Event With Players Delivering Gifts

Just like last year, a new Holiday event has started in the world of truck simulators from SCS Software. Players deliver gifts to gain achievements and special cabin painting.

  • The new event available in ATS and ETS2 consists of delivering gifts with special trailers;
  • 15 deliveries will be rewarded with custom paint job for our trucks.

SCS Software has a new task for virtual truckers - a Christmas event consisting in delivery of gifts. It will be available in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator for users with World of Trucks accounts. The event assumes completing a global and personal plan. It will end with an achievement and receiving additional paint job, called Winter Blast, for our trucks.

ETS2 and ATS Get Holiday Event With Players Delivering Gifts - picture #1
Deliveries as part of the event are made by means of special trailers.

Right now, when we select "External Orders" (available when we have connected our profile with our World of Trucks account) we may notice deliveries described as "Gifts". In addition, the city symbols on the game map have been replaced by a heart/present icon. When we point the cursor at them, we will see a window with information on how many deliveries have been made by players in the event. For each 1000 gift trailers delivered, one heart or gift will arrive (the starting point is counted towards a heart and the finishing point, towards the gift). The maximum number of symbols is five. The progress of the event can also be checked on World of Trucks website. Each 350 icons will unlock the prize for the community. Screenshots on SCS Software blog suggest that these may be additional items to put in the cabin.

Offer with an order for the Holiday event

In addition, players participating in the event work on their own achievements. To complete them, we need to make 15 such deliveries from any city in any game. As part of the order, we pull a specially prepared platform semi-trailer with a load of gifts (nicely highlighted). After completing all the courses we will receive a Christmas truck painting (visible below). The Christmas event will end on January 17, 2021, so lovers of virtual trucks have plenty of time to make the required deliveries.

ETS2 and ATS Get Holiday Event With Players Delivering Gifts - picture #3
Winter Blast paint job, received for completing 15 deliveries. Source: SCS Software

Update for Cabin Accessories DLC

It is worth mentioning that with the new event, Euro Truck Simulator 2 should receive the Cabin Accessories DLC updated. It means new items added to the expansion, prepared in such a way that European virtual truckers do not envy ATS owners of their more recent DLC with cabin accessories.

ETS2 and ATS Get Holiday Event With Players Delivering Gifts - picture #4
New items in Cabin Accessories DLC for ETS2. Source: SCS Software

Unfortunately, we will not be able to travel in Spain this year, and players will also have to wait for the next stage of refreshing the area of Germany with the new lighting system. Therefore, it is worth appreciating current event and enjoying some more modest novelties. I don't known about you, but I'm starting up the engine in my Scania S and rush to deliver the gifts.

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