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News video games 17 October 2019, 13:22

author: Bart Swiatek

Fallout 4 Mod Expands Diamond City and Offers New Quests

The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story mod expands one of the locations available in Fallout 4 and enriches the game with new quests, a radio station, several fully voiced characters with their own personalities and stories and a number of items.

The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story offers a lot of new content.

NexusMods offers an extended modification for Fallout 4 entitled The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story, which enriches the title city with a new district and content offering approximately five hours of extra fun. Below you will find a short trailer of the mod.

The modification introduces five new NPCs. Among them we will find Merchants, a taciturn sheriff and Barbara McClintock - a specialist in molecular structure of plants and a walking encyclopedia of all kinds of knowledge. What is important, the creators took care of dubbing, which is a real feat, considering that there are more than 2 thousand new dialogue lines in the mod.

In The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story we will also find several other smaller locations (including the so-called diner - a cheap restaurant and a greenhouse) and some equipment (including cosmetic items). We can also count on a completely new radio station, allowing you to listen to 49 songs.

Below you will find a few selected images from this mod - it looks quite intriguing.

The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story.
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