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News video games 20 August 2021, 15:47

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Private Servers Coming to Fallout 76 Next Month

QuakeCon at Home brought with it the release date of a major new feature coming to Fallout 76. We're talking about Fallout Worlds, which will enable players to create personalized dedicated servers.

The online edition of QuakeCon brought with it not only something for fans of the Quake series from id Software. It also included panels from other developers owned by Bethesda, including the team working on the development of Fallout 76. This confirmed the release date of Fallout Worlds, a dedicated server system that will hit the game on September 8. The information was revealed during the yesterday's panel dedicated to the game.

As announced, Fallout Worlds will enable us to create our own worlds and modify many of their elements. Removing terrain limits for buildings or electricity requirements, changing enemy stats, difficulty level or physics - all this and more will be possible on customized servers. What's more, there will also be so-called Public Worlds - worlds with rules set by the developers, which will only be available for a limited time. This is important because only players with an active Fallout 1st subscription will be able to create dedicated servers. Fortunately, Fallout 1st will not be needed to play in worlds created by friends.

Apart from that, Bethesda also mentioned further development plans for Fallout 76. The event was also not without mentioning the celebration of Halloween and other holidays. So it seems that the company does not intend to abandon the game, which at one time gained the dislike of many players.

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