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News movies & tv series 16 June 2017, 12:28

author: luckie

Fan-made Witcher movie Alzur’s Legacy seeking support on Indiegogo

Before we get to watch the Netflix-made Witcher TV series, a group of dedicated fans will regale us with a short movie featuring professional actors. The final version is going to be completely free, but you can help the makers financially on Indiegogo.

Remember the fan-made Witcher movie we wrote about not so long ago? Its creators turned to the community for support. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign runs through June 8, 2017, with the main goal set at $15,000. The film is a non-profit endeavour, which means that it will be available for free when it comes out this December, but if you want to help the makers out, get physical and digital goodies, or even have a say in editing, you are invited to pledge a selected amount of money – there are several tiers raging from $1 to $750.

  1. Support The Witcher film Alzur’s legacy on Indiegogo

Alzur’s Legacy is a short motion picture (about 30 minutes long) based on the Witcher Universe, set after the events depicted in the books by Andrzej Sapkowski. The story features Lambert the witcher (Geralt’s colleague) as the main protagonist, accompanied by Dandelion and his son, Triss Merigold and Ciri. Here is an excerpt of the story concept:

Nearly half a century after the Rivian Pogrom, Kaer Morhen, old mountain keep of monster slayers called ‘the witchers’, is attacked.

Shortly after a young renegade sorceress suspected of obtaining legendary Alzur’s Almanach flees from Aretuza, a newly rebuilt magical school. Triss Merigold, a veteran sorceress, pursues her and during her stay at an inn she encounters the famous bard Dandelion and the witcher Lambert.

“The project is being developed by an independent group of filmmakers engaged in film, TV and stage play production on a daily basis”, reads the official description on Indiegogo. Nevertheless, the team managed to hire some professional actors, including Zbigniew Zamachowski, who did quite well as Dandelion in The Hexer movie and TV series back in early 2000s. They also did a great job capturing the atmosphere of the dark fantasy universe. Watch this over 3-minute-long mastershort of a Temerian tavern:

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