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The Essence of Minecraft in 23 Seconds; Community Delighted

Przemyslaw Dygas, 03 August 2021, 11:11

The entire spectrum of Minecraft experience presented in just over twenty seconds? That's exactly what one of the Reddit users presented, prompting admiration from the community.

Mortal Kombat 2021 Trailer Recreated in LEGO and It's Got Johnny Cage

Adrian Werner, 30 March 2021, 17:04

A cute animated video recreating the trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie using LEGO bricks has appeared online. Unlike the creators of the movie, the creator did not forget about Johnny Cage.

Borat Discovers Cyberpunk 2077 and Explores Night City

Karol Laska , 05 January 2021, 18:41

A funny video appeared on the web, showing Borat trying to find his way around Night City known from Cyberpunk 2077. Expect a ton of simple gags and chaos.

Fan-made Live-action Movie Proves Cyberpunk 2077 Could be Used by Netflix

Milosz Szubert, 07 December 2020, 20:25

The premiere of Phoenix Program, a fan-made film set in the universe of Cyberpunk 2077. The project was made by Vi-Dan Tran, featuring popular cosplayer Ben „Maul Cosplay” Bergmann as Johnny Silverhand.

Here's a Fan-made Trailer of World of Cyberpunk 2077

Szarmancki, 30 November 2020, 12:54

The trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 was recreated on the engine of World of Warcraft and published on the web. The creator of this great mix, as well as many other animations from the world of WoW, is a modest artist, who despite his obvious talent still hasn't gained recognition.

Here's a Nice Fan-made CGI Tokusatsu Show

Karol Laska , 12 October 2020, 15:39

A Brazilian 3D graphic designer boasted on the web a trailer of his production, inspired by Japanese tokusatsu shows from the eighties and nineties. Each scene uses CGI and easily outshines the quality of average Hollywood work.

Flood of Fan-made Animations From Among Us

Bart Swiatek, 06 October 2020, 16:43

The huge popularity of Among Us makes the players, inspired by Innersloth's work, create numerous films and animations - mostly humorous.

The Batman Inspired by Seven? Fan-made Trailer Tells a Lot

Karol Laska , 31 August 2020, 18:16

On one of the YouTube channels we can see a fan-made trailer of David Fincher's movie Seven. There are many stylistic similarities to trailer of The Batman.

Fans Prove That Avengers Should Get a Snyder Cut Too

Karol Laska , 25 August 2020, 17:29

Did you like the trailer of the director's cut version of Justice League? You'll surely love the fan-made Avengers trailer, which refers to Zack Snyder's music video style.

Star Wars Fan Film Rocks so Much Community Wants Canon Rewritten

Karol Laska , 11 August 2020, 15:56

A short animation of an amateur film studio Loacher Films appeared on YouTube. It is set in the universe of Star Wars and shows clones in the process of executing Order 66.

Here's a Parody of GTA and Yakuza Recorded on Streets of Tokyo

Michael Kulakowski, 07 August 2020, 22:39

An interesting live-action parody of popular TPP action games, recorded on the streets of Tokyo was released on the web. Its creators were inspired by such games as Grand Theft Auto, Yakuza and Metal Gear Solid.

Tenet's Not Even Out Yet And Somebody's Making a Fan-Movie

Karol Laska , 28 July 2020, 15:22

A fan film based on the trailers of Christopher Nolan's Tenet is being created. The project's director is the son of Colin Trevorrow, the would-be creator of the ninth part of Star Wars.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Trailer Reconstructed Using LEGOs

Pri, 02 June 2020, 11:42

9 years ago youtuber Productionetile undertook to recreate the trailer of Assassin's Creed: Revelations with LEGO blocks. Yesterday he published a new version of his most famous work.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Fan Movie Teaser Goes Live

Milosz Szubert, 11 May 2020, 16:37

The teaser of Phoenix Program, a fan movie set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, prepared by Vi-Dan Trana and a group of cosplayers, has appeared on the web. The release date of the production is not known so far.

Star Wars 9 - Colin Trevorrow's Script in Animated Form

Jacob Blazewicz, 31 March 2020, 18:20

An animation based on an alternative scenario of episode 9 of Star Wars appeared on YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies. The video gives us some idea how the latest Star Wars could have looked like in Colin Trevorrow's version.

Alzur's Legacy - Premiere of Witcher Fan-Movie

Adrian Werner, 07 December 2019, 19:28

After a week's delay, Alzur's Legacy / Half Century of Poetry Later, a fan production set in the Witcher universe, finally made its debut on YouTube.

Premiere of Fan-made Witcher Movie Delayed by a Week

Milosz Szubert, 29 November 2019, 20:42

The creators of Alzur's Legacy (Polish title: Half Century of Poetry Later), a fan-made film set in the universe of Andrzej Sapkowski's books, decided to postpone the premiere on YouTube. The movie will debut on December 7.

We've Seen Alzur's Legacy; Fan-made Witcher Movie Holds its Own

Adrian Werner, 28 November 2019, 14:09

One of our editors has already seen Alzur's Legacy (Polish title: Half Century of Poetry Later), a fan-made film set in the universe of The Witcher. He came out of the screening very pleased.

New Lion King Looks Stunning When „Deep-faked”

Frozen, 10 August 2019, 00:09

A certain fan version of the trailer for the new Lion King has surfaced on the Internet. The trailer gives this year's Disney hit a cartoon-like atmosphere, making the characters look less like real animals and more like the protagonists of a iconic animated film from 1994.

Alzur's Legacy - Fan-made Witcher Movie Gets Premiere Date

Konrad Serafinski, 16 July 2019, 18:37

The creators of the Polish fan project Alzur's Legacy boasted a new trailer, which reveals the date of premiere. What's more, we know that Eskel and Vesemir will also appear in the film.

Fan-made Witcher movie Alzur’s Legacy seeking support on Indiegogo

luckie, 16 June 2017, 12:28

Before we get to watch the Netflix-made Witcher TV series, a group of dedicated fans will regale us with a short movie featuring professional actors. The final version is going to be completely free, but you can help the makers financially on Indiegogo.

Fan-made Witcher movie with professional actors got its first trailer

luckie, 16 May 2017, 16:28

There is an interesting fan-made film project in the works set in the Witcher universe. The team managed to hire some professional actors for the roles of Dandelion, Triss Merigold and Lambert.