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News movies & tv series 27 May 2020, 13:47

author: Bart Swiatek

Fanart Unleashes a Storm Around Deadpool 3 and Character's Creator

The cartoonist and scriptwriter responsible for creating Deadpool - Rob Liefield - has shared a controversial picture on Twitter, presentating his anti-hero holding Mickey Mouse, dead, by its tail. The picture caused a lot of commotion on the Internet - some fans think the artist has gone too far.

Rob Liefield sparks controversy.


  1. The creator of Deadpool published a picture depicting this hero holding Mickey Mouse, dead, by its tail;
  2. According to some people, the artist has gone too far;
  3. Fans think that the artised has expressed his anger towards Disney, which is said declined the cooperation with the artist on Deadpool 3.

Rob Liefield, the creator of the character Deadpool, has published a fanart on Twitter, showing the hero holding the corpse of Mickey Mouse. The entry caused a storm on the Internet - according to some, the artist went too far (although it is worth noting that he is not the author of the picture - he only shared a graphic created by someone else).

The context makes things even more interesting - some fans are convinced that the entry is an expression of Rob Liefield's anger, who is said not to have been invited by Disney to cooperate (as a producer) on the third film about the anti-hero he created. For his part, the artist reminded the fans that regardless of whether he will be involved in the work on the movie, he will receive a check from the studio.

We would like to remind that Deadpool 3 has no set premiere date for the time being - Ryan Reynolds, actor playing the main role, confirmed, however, that the movie is being made.

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