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News video games 31 May 2019, 15:59

author: Sin

FIFA 20 - Summary of Planned Changes

EA presented a list of changes to be implemented in FIFA 20. According to the game's publisher, they are to be a direct response to the requests and comments of fans who accused the series of glaring bugs and controversial realism.

FIFA 20 - Summary of Planned Changes - picture #1

A new entry has appeared on the Electronic Arts website to give the fans of the FIFA football game series a heads-up on the upcoming major changes. This is due to the need for a more faithful representation of football matches and the need to eliminate the mistakes made in FIF19, which many players still complain about. Therefore, the new version of the game will be created with the participation of the players themselves.

The comments and feedback received from users have been incorporated into the list of planned changes. These include deep modification of various gameplay areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence in opponent's play, defense system, shots, ball control, effectiveness of pressing, pace control,
  • Repeatability of shots in one on one situations (greater accuracy, rewarding shots on an empty goal, more realistic behavior of goalkeepers, shots on the outside of the foot limited to players with appropriate characteristics, change in height and strength of shots),
  • Precise finish (shortening the time available to obtain a "green shot" to 2 frames, lower accuracy of precise shots, reduction of the power of shots taken at an angle of 180 degrees),
  • Crosses and volley shots (less accurate and more unpredictable volley shots, more difficult head shots when fighting for ball in the air, less accurate one-touch shots),
  • Series of technical tricks (a greater margin of error when creating tricks whose failure increases the risk of losing the ball),
  • Positioning in set pieces (improvement of automatic positioning and selection of players in set pieces),
  • Manual control of the goalkeeper (slower movement and less effective ball receiving),
  • Passes (volley passes from 180-degree will become less accurate and weaker, change in the accuracy of passes in simple and difficult situations, a new type of slightly undercut passes available, improved mechanics of stronger one-touch ball play),
  • Switching between players (we will switch to a new player who fits the action scenario better).

A part of the described modifications, which will appear in FIFA 20, will be presented on June 8 during the EA PLAY transmission. However, this is not all that EA Sports wants to introduce into the game. The devs will continue to monitor the questions and comments of the players on the official forum. As FIFA 20's launch on September 2 is approaching, we will be receiving new information about the new features and match engine. We will know whether the new edition of the game will be better than the previous one even before its debut. The demo version will be released two weeks before the launch, and EA Access and EA Origin Access subscribers will get it seven days before the release of FIFA 20.



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