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News video games 25 October 2021, 19:19

author: Agnes Adamus

EA and the World's Oldest Football Club Create Rulebook for FIFA 22

EA Sports has entered into a partnership with Sheffield FC, the oldest football club in the world. The result of this collaboration is a special rulebook for FIFA 22 players.


  1. EA Sports has partnered with Sheffield FC;
  2. As a result, the "FOAT Code" was created - a rulebook of good behavior for FIFA players;
  3. Additionally, the team's outfit from 1857 has appeared in FUT.

Yesterday, Sheffield FC celebrated its birthday. The football club is recognized by the FIFA organization as the oldest in the world. EA Sports has decided to celebrate the anniversary and has partnered with the team. As part of this cooperation, the team's outfit from the year 1857 was added to FUT. But more importantly, a special rulebook for everyone playing FIFA 22.

FOAT Code in FIFA 22

The rulebook was called the "FOAT Code" (short for First of All Time). Now the question arises, what do we find in the code? Mostly fairly standard slogans. Among other things we are not to leave the matches that are not over. In addition, we have to skip the replays of scored goals, unless they are worth seeing again.

EA and the Worlds Oldest Football Club Create Rulebook for FIFA 22 - picture #1

The first rule is quite interesting. It comes shortly after the elimination of the so-called "no loss glitch", which enabled console players to avoid defeat by exiting the game. In the end, those who exploited the bug were banned for seven days.

Sheffield FC outfit from 1857

In addition, as part of the aforementioned cooperation original Sheffield FC outfits from 1857 have been added to the FUT mode. To unlock them, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Play five matches in any FUT mode with five England players in your starting line-up;
  2. Make three assists while playing an English player in any FUT mode;
  3. Win a match by scoring at least two goals in any FUT mode.

The outfit, meanwhile, looks as follows:

EA and the Worlds Oldest Football Club Create Rulebook for FIFA 22 - picture #2
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