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News video games 07 October 2021, 13:42

author: Jacob Blazewicz

FIFA 22 is a Success, but the Series Could be Renamed

FIFA without FIFA in the name? Such a move is being considered by EA Sports after the successful release of FIFA 22.

FIFA series is undoubtedly one of the most popular and recognizable brands in the gaming market. Therefore, it may come as a surprise to learn that EA Sports is considering changing the name of its football series.

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The publisher did not elaborate on the issue in the recent press release, merely stating that the option is being considered and that the devs are currently in talks with FIFA regarding a naming rights agreement. Of course, no hints were left about a possible new name for the brand.

It is not clear why the name FIFA should be dropped. Our guess is that EA Sports doesn't want to be as associated with FIFA as it has been to date. This shouldn't be of much consequence to the fans, because - as the announcement states - working with the organization and the publisher's "official partnerships and licenses" are separate issues. These include "more than 300 individual partner licenses," which translates to "more than 17,000 athletes from over 700 teams and 30 global leagues." Still, even in this context, it may come as a surprise that EA would consider dropping support for such a powerful brand after more than 27 years.

In the subject of impressive numbers it is also necessary to mention the excellent FIFA 22. 9.1 million players have already joined the game, with 460 million matches played and 7.6 million FIFA Ultimate Teams created.

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