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News video games 07 June 2021, 21:06

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS5 - Game Size Revealed

We know how much space Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will take up. The developers have slightly reduced the size of the PS5 release compared to PS4, albeit not as much as gamers might have wanted.

The refreshed version of Final Fantasy VII may require less space on PlayStation 5 than on Sony's older console, but don't expect a major streamlining. Intergrade Edition requires us to download nearly 81.34GB of data (via PlayStation Game Size). On PS4, the players have to prepare nearly 86 GB of space on the console's disk.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade's reduces data volume size is thanks to the efficient file compression technology of Sony's new console, although in this case, the effect is not particularly impressive. It should also be noted that we have no idea whether this amount includes the possible (or rather, almost certain) release patch or the PS5-exclusive Intermission expansion. So it may be that the players will need to download even more data. Fortunately, the process can be started tomorrow, which should give enough time for even those with slower connections to make it before Final Fantasy VII Intergrade's release, scheduled on June 10. That said, there's still the matter of PS5 disk space...

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